Friday, 26 April 2013

Faraway fantasies of a new bathroom suite with Tots100 and BathShop321. :-)

Wow 4 hours to go, how did I miss this competition. It's worth a go but what can I do in such little time. With 7 people and one bathroom to fight over, our extension is well under way and a new bathroom looms in the distance. With a small space to contend with it will have to be a shower room.

My dreams for a shower each morning would be to walk out of my back door into my vast garden and to shower under a waterfall, a refreshing wake me up before a hectic school run.

Looks like it would be a refreshing wake up each morning!

Alas, this is not meant to be. With one bathroom already in full use by all 7 of us it resembles the toiletry aisles of the supermarket, with a toilet roll eating monster hidden under the bath I am sure. Gone are the days of a long soak in the bath surrounded by candles and a lovely scrumptious smelling, only for me, bubble bath.  My bathroom has been invaded by little people who only need the toilet when Mummy is in the bath. That important thing that happened at school today that they have had in their mind since 3pm to tell you about is now realllllllyyyyy important now that you have crept into the bath Mummy. Oh and if we could just jump in with you Mummy, it's not that we don't want you to have some time to yourself, we are saving water, honestly Mummy. My life resembles that of Mrs Large from the book Five Minutes Peace, the bathroom scene stands out amongst all others!

A typical bath time for Mum!

Anyway, unable to locate said waterfall in my minimalist back garden I have decided that the Galaxia Quadrant bathroom suite would be perfect for us. Incorporating the colours of my waterfall fantasy, maybe adding some green or blue tiles to the backdrop of the shower cubicle would really give it a lovely feel.

The gorgeous greens of this bathroom really reflect the luscious green colours of the plant life surrounding the waterfall and the TV's would certainly entice the children into bathing and brushing their teeth each morning and evening!

I also love the brickwork style of these tiles and the gorgeous aqua bluey colour would give a real surrounded by water feel to the shower.

The Galaxia bathroom suite from BathShop321, A fab suite with shower cubicle, just what a bathroom queuing family need!

With its corner style shower and tray this would be perfect for the space we have to work with. No more fighting over the bathroom with long queues that resemble the queue at a ladies public toilet! Also featuring 6mm safety glass and full height magnetic water seals this would be perfect for the over excited child that gets a bit too carried away with the inevitable singing/dancing in the shower whilst having a good scrub clean.

Our bathroom at the moment has some special features including state of the art sound system, built into a lovely scenic hole looking out over the whole street, lovely for the neighbours to look in and see us all trying out the new shower.

State of the art sound system, incorporated into a lovely scenic hole. 

We have also got a very open air feel about our new bathroom, my son is sporting the new 'going to use the bathroom in your coat' look, however if it rains its best just to strip off and enjoy the shower! You also have to access the new bathroom via the front door at the moment so it almost feels like you are heading out somewhere just to go to the bathroom! 

Grab your coat, I need the toilet! 

Finally, teddy is demonstrating the current state of our downstairs toilet facilities. Currently only used by teddy as I don't think the neighbours would appreciate seeing us on the potty in our open air, scenic bathroom suite. We wouldn't want to make them jealous after all! 

Teddy looks like he is quite happy with the facilities, although a little breezy perhaps. I think he is enjoying the state of the art music system though!

The builder has done an amazing job so far and my husband has worked every weekend as well as working during the week to lay the foundations himself as well as do all of the plumbing and electrical work. I have had to sit back helplessly and watch him try to fit everything in and work hard to make this dream happen but with a lot of stress along the way, as well as trying to keep the children in check and out of the way, I am not sure what they think is helping is actually doing anything except hinder unfortunately. 

So there we have it, as much as we love the 'different' look of our bathroom we think it would really benefit from a much nicer bathroom suite from BathShops321.

P!nk, The Truth about Love tour, concert, show, all round amazing singing and acrobatic performance, outstanding, stunning and energetic!!!

Not my usual family, baby /child product, house renovation, general moan about family life blog, but this had to be done.

Last night I had a rare night out to go and see P!nk in concert. This has been planned for months and months and all of a sudden it was upon us. The OH was called home from work early and at 5pm I was running out of the door like a greyhound chasing after a rabbit. Ok, maybe not that fast but I was certainly keen to get out the door and start our journey to The O2. Myself, the bestie and bestie's eldest daughter were off to the most amazing concert, we all agreed afterwards it was the best we had seen. We weren't to know this beforehand but as it was P!nk we knew we were in for a treat.

With a bit of putting the world to rights and moaning about men on the way, it has to be done! I was also wondering if the children will be alright for the evening without me and then remembering that, for once, you need to be you, be a person in your own right and not just a Mum who slums it most days in her trackies and scraped back hair and has a child hanging off of every limb. Do what you want to do for that one rare night out and believe that the OH can cope for one night out of a millennium, even if he did text me half way through the concert to say be careful when I got back they had an incident!

We travelled up to London and got there in time to have the all important Wagagama's meal, no need for a menu we said. Three Katsu currys and some edamame beans went down a treat, not all for me! and we headed into the venue to find our seats. The excitement was building, everyone was buying and wearing their P!nk concert t-shirts, the venue was packed. We had really good seats, compared to our Black Eyed Peas seats which were in the heavens! There was about 20 minutes to go when we found our seats. The atmosphere is always great when at a concert, the anticipation is building, everyone is trying to find their seats, the people are there selling programmes, ice cream, popcorn, the stage is being set, you see a glimmer of a curtain flap and you get all excited. You watch the screens, you watch the very technical looking guys wondering how much longer they can check a speaker, check the stage etc..... Come onnnnnnnnnn.....

And then, bam! Wooooohoooooooooooo, who needs to sit in those seats we paid for, everyone was on their feet. It was all started with Raise Your Glass, a very good choice. As it went through the set list it was fab to hear a mix of old songs in with the new tunes from her Truth about Love album.

It wasn't just the singing though, the whole performance was amazing. The acrobatics during a lot of the songs was stunning, flawless, energetic and the general consensus at the end was how can she sing and do all of that at the same time! She hung from ropes, climbed around a metal oval shaped cage weaving in and out, hanging upside down. Along with various costume changes too, going from a long flowing black dress to a black, skimpy number to black trousers and jacket/top combo to a gorgeous dress with cream pleated skirt and black bodice which was truly stunning. Along with heels, no shoes, trainers. I got tired just watching her with all of her gorgeous energy and infectious laughter during a brief chat with everyone between songs. With all the energy and girl power needed she so worked every inch of that stage.

Having been a huge P!nk fan since the early days of There You Go in 2000 rising through her new found solo career with many other successful songs and also a quick collaberation for the Moulin Rouge soundtrack song 'Lady Marmalade' also featuring Lil' Kim, Mya and Christina Aguilera, P!nk has gained a huge, huge fan base all over the world. It was great to hear Just Like a Pill and Trouble in the concert last night, giving you a quick glimpse of her previous success along with her, still ever rising, success and popularity with the new Truth about Love album.

P!nk has been there, through a big part of my life I have listened to her music, sang her songs dancing around the kitchen, blasted various tunes through the speakers in the hope that all of the children will grow up with a wide and varied musical taste to include P!nk in their track list of life. They all have their favourites. An all round favourite at the moment is Just Give me a Reason. Our 3 year old likes Please don't leave me. I can't pick a favourite, each song is so different, has a different meaning or takes you back to a different part of your life and each part of your life holds a different story as do the songs. Although True Love has hit on a something with me at the moment!

So to sum all of that up, it was amazing. I would like to think I am a P!nk super fan but there are millions more out there that would say the same thing too and probably are more of a super fan than I am. If I could go again to the concert this weekend I would and I have never said that about another concert. It's not that they haven't been fab too but if I could go to every single date on the Truth about Love tour I could never get bored.

I am sure no super fan would take a video of P!nk singing Just give me a Reason with their hand over the microphone, an epic fail I realised this morning when I woke the children up for school and to give then a glimpse of last nights amazing performance. I was gutted and an stupidly inept failure by me, waaahhhh!

Now back to reality, back to dancing around the kitchen and doing the housework whilst the P!nk playlist throws out tunes in the background. Back to being a mum, writing my blog on weaning, house renovations and babies/children. I did have a life to myself, last night for a brief yet most wonderful fab 8 hours. It was also worth the 1am crawl into bed followed by the 6am wake up call for a baby feed session, yawn!

 I wonder what Alecia is up to today?!


Friday, 19 April 2013

Real Nappy Week, lots happening, lots of offers, competitions and the Clothopoly game!

So its Real Nappy Week (RNW) 2013. It has been running all week but you still have all weekend to take full advantage of all of the fab offers that are running from a lot of companies as well as giveaways, competitions etc....

Currently running is the RNW Clothopoly game.

Each nappy hanging on the line will take you to a retailers website and you have to look for a yellow nappy shape with a letter on it. Once found you need to copy the URL to the Clothopoly page and keep a note of the letter. I have currently found all of the letters but am stumped as to what the phrase says. I will keep at it though!

As well as Clothopoly there are different retailers doing competitions each day, today's are Tots Bots, Little Green Earthlets and Eco Egg, as well as a whole host of other things happening on retailers websites and/or Facebook pages.

The Clothopoly game gave me a real insight into how many cloth nappy retailers are out there. I had no idea there were so many retailers and I have also come across a few new brands that I hadn't heard of too. I am in no way a cloth nappy expert, I am currently using one brand of nappy but would like to try out some different brands so I am looking into a new purchase whilst the fantastic offers are currently running.

Some current offers being run at the moment are as follows; Up to 15% off Frugi nappies
                                 Up to 15% off liners
                                 Up to 25% off Itti Bitti Tutto nappies
                                 Up to 25% off Bambino Mio Solo nappies
                                 Up to 20% off Fuzzibunz nappies plus many, many more offers on Close, Bumgenius,                          
                                 Flip and much more 10% off everything 20% off with code RNW20 up to 40% off almost everything sitewide 20% off everything (not to be used in conjunction with other offers)

There are loads of other retailers including; and many, many more.

Different stockists carry different brands including Tots Bots, Bumgenius, gnappies, Close, Flip, Fuzzibunz, Itti Bitti, Bambino Mio, Charlie Banana, Wonderoos, Swaddlebees, Blueberry, Little Lamb, Motherease and more.

A recent nappy stuffing session including 2 new Frugi nappies ready to use. :-)

RNW has really opened my eyes to what is available and for those who think cloth nappies are hard work, they really aren't. Gone are the days of having nappy soup developing in a big bucket. Just get rid of waste down the toilet, put the soiled nappy in a dry bucket with a secure lid. One trick I learnt was to stick a panty liner on the inside of the lid and drop a few spots of lovely smelling oils on it, this will keep the bucket smelling nice until its wash time. I use a non bio washing powder and wash on a 40 degree wash and then I do a strip wash every so often to clear any build up of detergent so as to keep the nappy absorbency up. No fabric conditioner in with the wash. There are specific cloth nappy cleaning products on the market too. I sometimes add a bit of Napisan in with the wash but not always.

Also please don't forget custom nappy and wrap makers such as the wonderfully talented Dimplebum.  I am particularly loving the recent Room on the Broom design featured on their FB page as well as lots of lovely fabrics to choose from to have your very own custom nappies and wraps. Please pop over and Like their FB page and take a look at what is on offer.

Room on the Broom

My OH would love this Dr Who design!

Gorgeous Lion King design

(All Dimplebum photo's added here with permission)

Please, please if you are undecided try a trial kit, available at a lot of cloth nappy stockists, and see for yourself what cloth nappies are like to use. As well as helping the environment they look fab on, lots of fab colours and patterns available.

My youngest son sporting a Tots Bots Easyfit in Jack and the Beanstalk design.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Resolving an argument with Tesco, Real Nappy Week, extension work taking shape, pramaholicism takes it's Stokke hold again and the end is in sight for Back to School, yay!

Wow, what a lot to fit in today! As I write this I am currently in an argument with Tesco over a delivery I got this morning! I ordered 12 cases of 8 bottles of Bulmers. They delivered 12 cases of 6 bottles. This wasn't a substitute or anything. I informed the delivery man that it was wrong and he told me to take delivery and call the helpline. I did this straight away and was basically told by the lady on the phone and then by a manager that they don't sell packs of 8, even though the website advertised it as a pack of 8 and that the price was wrong as well. Neither of that is my fault but Tesco's fault and I am still due 96 bottles of Bulmers and I received 72, so I am 24 bottles short. I was basically told to be grateful for what I received, SHOCKING! I am still arguing now and will let you know the outcome! As I didn't get round to publishing my blog in the 4 hours since I started writing it I can now update that my extra bottles are now on their way thanks to my local store manager being very helpful. :-) My OH owes me big time on this bargain!

Anyway, onto the extension which is finally, if not very slowly, taking shape. OH put the floor down at the weekend along with help from family and wonderful friends. There were some mishaps and an injury, and probably a few swear words too! I retreated to the safety of the bowling alley with the 3 little ones on Saturday and then to my Mums on Sunday! Now the floor is down the builder is due back this Thursday and the walls will start taking shape very quickly, how exciting!

Our new floor arriving on site, now in situ after a lot of hard work.

Onto my pramaholicism, still not a proper word but may make it into the dictionary some time soon! I thought I was cured but have relapsed. I am now the owner of a Stokke Xplory, thanks to price matches and discount codes I got a really good price! I love using it and my poor Bugaboo Bee is sat in the corner unused and unloved. I do love it but it won't get used now the Stokke Xplory is here so it's going. :-( I would love to keep both and have more prams, one for every day of the week perhaps. As I walk everywhere I would make full use of them all!

Trying out his new wheels

I think he approves?!


Lots of offers and competitions going on as it is Real Nappy week from 15th-21st April 2013. i will add more detail to my next blog as Real Nappy Week starts. have 20% off all nappies. have various offers running including 20% off Fuzzibunz, 28% off Tots Bots Easyfit V3 and 25% off Itti Bitti Tutto nappies. 

Real nappy week runs from 15th-21st of April this year. 

The end of the Easter Holidays are nearly here and we have survived, just! I have been trying to get everyone to go to bed on time as this is a major issue in our house at the moment and I need a decent nights sleep! I can't see that happening any time soon. I noticed a comment on FB about the holidays nearly being over so no more lie ins and roll on the next school holidays. Are they mad?! I would prefer to get up and get them to school than have a lie in and have them here all day! Anyway, the 2 girls ahve just left to go bowling, then on for something to eat and then staying at Nanny and Grandads for the night, it's sooooooo peaceful, and it's pub night tonight too. Extra whoop!

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

The start of the Easter Holidays, but we have chocolate to help us through! NEW Disney Shake it Up album review. Weaning success for baby. Choosing a new climbing frame too!

I have neglected my writing again. After the success of my Silver Cross post which I was very pleased with, I then haven't posted for nearly 2 weeks. The time flies by, I can't fit everything in and my blog gets neglected. Sorry blog. :-(

Anyway, the Easter Holidays have begun. They started last Thursday when all of the schools had half days. I had one child finish at 12pm, then onto the Infant School for Spring Assembly at 1pm before a dash across to the Juniors to collect another child by 1.30pm then home where my eldest was home already. Spring Assembly was lovely, it's always nice to see the children come together to sing for the parents, however keeping the baby and toddler quiet throughout is another mission altogether! Our daughter also won an Easter egg in the raffle which was nice. Our 3 yr old also got some chocolate eggs and chocolate bunnies from nursery, but they didn't even make it home!

Trying to write a post on the first morning of the holidays was silly of me. They are already fighting and arguing, mainly the 9 yr old winding everyone up. I must find some chimneys for her to go and sweep, that will keep her busy. So, we had Easter weekend at the beginning of the holidays which means we have plenty of chocolate to keep us sane, I didn't get any eggs but the kids ones will keep me going for a while. 


We were lucky enough recently to receive a copy of the new Disney Shake it Up music album to review. My 2 daughters both watch the programme on the Disney Channel and they love it. 

Shake it Up is an American TV series airing on the Disney Channel. The series was first shown on November 7, 2010. It stars Bella Thorne as CeCe Jones and Zendaya as Rocky Blue as they star as background dancers on a local show, Shake It Up Chicago. It also shows their misadventures on and off set, and their troubles and rising social status at school. Davis Cleveland, Roshon Fegan, Adam Irigoyen, Kenton Duty and Caroline Sunshine are also the other main cast members.

So we listened through the album, there was a lot of dancing  from the girls, and Mum (and Dad!). The song list is as follows;

1. Zendaya and Bella Thorne- Contagious Love
2. Zendaya and Bella Thorne- This is my dance floor
3. Zendaya- Beat of my drum
4. Bella Thorne- Blow the System
5. Roshon Fegan and Caroline Sunshine- Afterparty
6. Coco Jones- Holla at the DJ (The DJ Mike D mix)
7. Olivia Holt- These boots are made for Walkin'
8. McClain Sisters- Sharp as a razor
9. Dove Cameron- Future sounds like us
10. Young LA- I can do better
11. Selena Gomez- Shake it Theme Song (Cole Plante reboot Remix)
12. Bridget Mendler- We're Dancing (Alex Ghenea 3.0 remix)
13. Zendaya- I'm back (Bonus Track)
14. Bella Thorne- Getcha head in The Game (Bonus Track)
15. Coco Jones- Freaky Freakend (Bonus Track)
16. Drew Seeley- I Do (Bonus Track)
17. TKO and Nevermind- Law of Averages (Bonus Track)

As you can see all of the songs are sung by either cast members from Shake it Up or other Disney Channel regulars. Its an upbeat catchy album full of funky songs by well known characters that the children will love. My particular favourite is Contagious Love whilst my 6 year old likes This is my Dance Floor and the Shake it Up theme song and my 8 yr old likes These Boots are made for Walking. I have found that my 2 girls could quite happily dance their way through the whole album, there was no skipping songs like you get when they play other albums. This is highly recommended for any Shake it Up or Disney Channel fans. The songs are also fab and funky for any dance class too. Fab tunes for the summer, I am sure this is going to be blasted out of the speakers whilst we have dance clubs in the garden with friends!


On another success story we have had weaning triumph from the baby but no sleeping through the night triumph! Now eating 3 meals a day but still waking in the night for feeds, where am I going wrong? I need my sleep back. I am walking around like a zombie, my brain is almost dead, I snap at everyone and the OH says I wake up grumpy and that's me for the day. I have done the night feeds and first wake up call of the morning for nearly 8 months now, I would like to see how he would look after all of that! 

So, whilst the children are almost killing each other already my mission for the day is to find a climbing frame, so I can at least chuck them out in the garden to play rather than having any blood spillage on the carpets! I found the perfect one, I wonder if OH would protest much??! And the neighbours as it would have to go in their gardens too!!