Monday, 18 March 2013

Blake's Mamas and Papas nursery makeover has started, Looking forward to the Silver Cross product launch and trying to look half decent when going out. I received competition prizes this week too!

After neglecting my blog recently and promising in my last blog that I would do more, I didn't, which I apologise for again!

Extension work has halted again as we are now at the stage where we need to recalculate the floor dimensions to make sure we order all the parts in the correct sizes, once that is done and the floor is in then the walls can start being built. Progress so far is short walls that the floor will sit on and then the outer walls will be built asap. From the picture you can now see the shape and size of each room which is nice to see.

I decided as OH was clearly not busy with the extension work at the moment that it was time to decorate the nursery! Blake was in our room for the first few months and then he was sent off into his own room. This room housed the teenager before that and before him it was William's nursery. So, it was still yellow paint on the walls and the Zeddy and Rhubarb border was still there from William, poor teenager! Anyway, Saturday we hit Mamas and Papas for a shopping spree, I was in my element. We chose the scrapbook boys range which is really lovely. We then went to B and Q and got blue paint, I loathe B and Q, it's too big and it seems to be the place to go on a Saturday afternoon. Which meant last night after OH had filled in holes with filler and then sanded walls and removed the border, I had the task of painting. I find it rather enjoyable except for the 9 yr old that was going on in my ear about helping even though I had said No about 50 times! Then OH came upstairs to view progress and told me off for getting blue paint on the ceiling. My argument was that he was repainting the ceiling anyway so I didn't see the issue!

Progress is good but there will be no pictures until it is finished, I have done before pictures to go with the after pictures!. I am waiting on a new cot and mattress so once it's all here and finished then I will share the end result, which I am really excited about. Once OH fits the new floor too, lol!

Tomorrow I am off to my Silver Cross product launch which I have been invited to at The Ivy Club in London. I have to be there for 9am so OH is in charge of getting all of the children ready and off to school tomorrow, eeeek! I will get everything laid out and ready tonight so all they need to do is get dressed, grab bags and go. It could be interesting! I am really excited, yet nervous about going into London with the baby. I don't get out much, lol! More new to follow tomorrow from the event and afterwards too.

This bodes the question though, how do I make myself look half decent?! On the school run I am lucky to make it out of my PJ's! My hair is scraped back but is getting too long to look nice left down, should have booked a hair appointment! And what do I wear?! I don't think my skinny jeans and Vans combo would go down well, yet I am not used to having to dress up. I am going to be in a panic for the rest of the day. Will spend all evening getting everything sorted for the children tomorrow, packing the change bag with everything bar the kitchen sink and then will forget what I am doing and go out in my PJ's. Oh I don't like it! :-(

Lastly I have had a couple of wins on some competitions. OH was disappointed not to have won his BMW Maclaren, we won't go there about that competition though! However, I won a fab bundle of goodies from Winstanley's Pram World and today I won a signed Emma Bridgewater Red Nose Day mug. Must keep up with entering the competitions, one day I will win a fortnights holiday for one in the Maldives, fingers crossed. Or if I am really lucky for two, then I can take my bestie with me and leave OH to look after all 9 children!

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