Saturday, 16 February 2013

Weaning woes, washing clothes & more housework to do I suppose!

So our weaning journey still hasn't started. I have a food shop being delivered in about half an hour and I have bought lots of vegetables to cook until very soft and we are going to try baby led weaning. I have never tried this approach before. The other four were happy for me to spoon it into their mouths, but not Blake! However, if he is sat on my lap whilst I am eating he will follow the food to your mouth and try and grab at it.  So, I have decided he can do it on his own. With supervision of course, and Mummy on hand to mop up the spilt mushed broccoli, carrot etc... off of the floor. I am totally unprepared for this. We have no highchair to sit him in, so not a good start. I may be out this afternoon buying one of those too. I have had to read up on baby led weaning and do my research, good old Google! Here is a fab website with lots of information, there are tonnes more on the web but pointing you in a direction is a good start. Hopefully there will be a successful update in my next post.

Clothes washing, it's never ending. Just when you find that elusive bottom of the wash basket, it disappears again. I had my toddler calling me the other day 'My head's stuck Mummy', thinking the worst and that I was going to find him stuck in some stair railings or with his head in the washing machine I actually found him crushed under one of the five piles of washing that had toppled over on top of him! I have the washing machine and tumble dryer on constantly and OH informed the other day that the washing machine is wearing, really, I wouldn't have guessed it! So, once the extension is complete and I have my utility room back I will be investing in another one of each appliance. Needs must when there is 7 of you in the house, and a cloth bum too!

Speaking of cloth bums. It's so easy, every one turns their nose up at washing nappies but it's really not as bad as it used to be. Gone are the days of stirring nappy soup, it's all about dry pailing now. Then just chuck them in the machine and away you go. A strip wash every now and again to gain maximum absorbency is a must. Oh, and if you fall out with your OH then a quick wash with his work shirts makes you feel better, mwahahahahaaaaaa!!!

And onto housework, I have no room for anything at the moment. I have plenty of unhelpful people in the house and I am left to drown alone in a sea of housework that is never going to get finished. I tidied the front room yesterday, started on another room, went back and the front room was messy again. Oh and the hunt for the missing iPod continues too but I have all but given up on that one. It's probably in the same place as the £5 note that went missing yesterday morning too. Both now missing in action and laughing at me from a hidden corner in the house somewhere.

So, I am off to get dressed before the Tesco delivery turns up, I don't want to scare the poor man that delivers it! OH is taking it easy today as he has hurt his shoulder so probably isn't going to get as far in the trench digging for the extension as we would like him to but it's not worth pushing it and then hurting his shoulder more. It will get there, eventually!!

One more thing, our 3 year old appeared in the local newspaper this week, Pancake races at school. They look like they had great fun.

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