Sunday, 24 February 2013

My sblended milkshake laughable disaster, gossip with the girls, Pop Tarts for dinner and a longgggg week ahead

Is it back to school yet? I have slowly gone round the twist this week and there is still an Inset Day on Monday, waaaaah!

I did have a night out on Friday with the bestie. Wagamamas rules, I could get take out each night if I could. Chicken katsu curry, edamame and we shared chicken gyosa. All was delicious and all washed down with a side order of girl talk, the perfect accompaniment to a meal. So after finishing, checking out the waiters butt, (he was sticking it right in our faces) we left and hit upon a great idea. A friend who was going to meet us for drinks couldn't make it so we would go to her house and take a sblended milkshake for each of us.

Sblended milkshakes are gorgeous. You choose from loads of different combinations and its literally sweets/chocolate mixed into ice cream with whipped cream and a topping. We bought 3 and then had to get them across town. Our plan seemed fab, or so we thought! We got back to the car and I was positioned into the passenger seat, one milkshake between my legs and one in each hand. The weather was freezing and now holding 2 cups of ice cream blended milkshakes in my bare hands we were ready for the journey.

We hadn't got far before we had to stop and reposition the one between my legs, it was slipping, lol! The journey felt like forever and the bestie told me to quit my whining! Anyway, we arrived at our friends house and I had cream all over my trousers, my hand and the cuff of my cardigan, on the carseat and marshmallows and white Maltesers adorned the footwell. We went through to the kitchen and the cups were prized from my fingers and we could see the extent of the damage! My finger tips had gone white and looked like a big blister, my friend mopped up the cream off my trousers and my hands hurt, reallllllllly hurt. Thankfully, they defrosted and no harm was done. After a fab night of girly gossip, putting the world to rights and deciding that women are fab, we had to head home. It was midnight, I rolled into bed and I had a 3.45am wake up call and a 6.30am, yawn!

The weekend has passed fairly uneventfully. My brother looked after the children whilst we went to Tesco. Tesco on a Saturday is bliss if you haven't got kids with you. Who cares if the car park is full, the people on their are full of trolley rage and we spent far too much. We were childless for an hour and a half, after Half Term chaos that time in Tesco was bliss.

No more extension news to pass on. All has halted but everything is going into full speed this week. OH is off work (yay to no school run cos he is doing it!), so he is getting the foundations finished and the floor in within a week, he hopes, and then the builder comes in and works his magic! Exciting and scary at the same time because we have to time everything, including people and materials, to arrive at the right times. It will be a long week, and stressful and OH home for a week is always a testing time, it's a bit like having 5 children home over Half Term! So hopefully over the next week there will be some photographic evidence of OH working and the extension work really taking off. With a little help from my wonderful Daddy.

Weaning has gone really well, baby led weaning was a triumph although Blake is also now taking food from a spoon as well and really enjoying himself. We have stuck to various types of vegetables for now and he has tried some yoghurt too which he gave a thumbs up. Well, when I say thumbs up what I really mean is he finished the pot within seconds and smiled, so I guess he liked it?!

I am off now, my evening meals over the past 2 nights have consisted of cookies n creme Pop Tarts. So not right for an evening meal but I don't care. They are scrummy and satisfying, and I have nearly run out. Sad times.

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