Monday, 4 February 2013

Getting DIY tips from the Tesco delivery man, OK days turning into chaotic ones, and how do you cope??!!!

So American Football training was a success for the 15 year old, he aches today but he had a fab time and going back next week. We decided we would all go and collect him from training, we had been in most of the weekend doing garage demolition so thought the drive out there and back would be good. Errrr, no! We turned up too early, watched for a bit then we are informed he still has 45 minutes. So off we go in the car, what do we do? OH needs petrol, that wastes 10 minutes. Then I decide that as we are in that area we will go and check out my sisters new house. She wasn't in, we just did a drive by, lol! That wasted another 5 minutes. So we end up in Sainsburys, no-one wants to get out of the car, cue girly strops. We get them out of the car and into the shop. We need cards and gift for OH's mums birthday. Job done. We eventually get 15 yr old and head home, I have the headache from hell and decide that takeaway pizza is best, or pizza from the man at the door as our three yr old would say! All fed and in bed apart from our eldest who insists on watching the Super Bowl, cue late night, no sleep, unable to get out of bed for school etc..... Oh yes, hello Monday!

So, Monday. Toddler is doing 5 mornings a week at nursery due to 2 full days not going well. So I took him this morning, he was fine, although needed a telling off over a certain incident. He will get used to it, he needs a good bit of discipline. I think he was well and truly sorry and everyone has spoken to him about it today, he was on the verge of tears again when Daddy had a word this evening!

Also today I have ordered a skip, sorted out building controls letter that we had arrive via email, things need to be changed, argh! I also have a breaker arriving tomorrow along with my brother to get started on breaking up all of the old concrete floor and getting it in the skip. Tesco delivery arrived at 2.55pm. Yes, I did order for between 1pm and 3pm but was hoping it would arrive slightly earlier! So, as well as taking the delivery in I also had a friend on the phone, the baby had woken up just at that point and was crying upstairs, I was meant to be getting ready to go out on the school run and I have the Tesco guy telling me that the fence panel needs to be tied down as it was blowing in the wind. I felt like telling him exactly where I wanted to put that fence panel!!

Saturdays progress;

There is nothing left there now, I did take a picture but it was in the dark, with an iPod, and I am no David Bailey!

So evening has arrived, 3 out of 5 children in bed, the 2 that aren't are fighting in the living room. I am about to go and bang their heads together.

Tomorrow is the start of saying goodbye to the old concrete floor and breaking up some of the driveway to map out the layout for the new floor, it will be exciting to see the new floor space mapped out, even if we still have a LONG way to go.

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