Thursday, 7 February 2013

Falling in a hole, demolition continues and whose child is this???!!!

So demolition is in full flow, it's getting there. Picture updates to the OH from my new iPhone 5 whilst he is at work is my input for the project! I have removed rubble, tipped wheelbarrows full of stones into skips and shovelled dirt, but that is in between nursery drop offs/collections, baby crying, school runs, lunch times, clothes washing (including the cloth nappies!) housework (yeah right!) etc.... and shopping. Shopping this week consisted of food shopping and drill shopping. Who knew drills were so expensive?!

Cloth nappies rock, even if most of the people who have looked after Blake have refused to take him in cloth nappies, not sure why?!

I also had another food order arrive from Approved Food, I now have a newly acquired food locker AKA my wardrobe. No, not Foot Locker, that's the shop that sucks me in every time I walk past and  I end up buying a pair of shoes for a child, not myself! Talking of shoes, Blake got 2 new pairs this week. Reduced from £32 down to £10 per pair from They are so cute and one pair look like they will be ideal for when he starts toddling around, not that I am wishing the time away but it will happen in the blink of an eye! I must say that I have always had a shoe obsession, however nowadays its the kiddies who get them. Williams shoe collection is the worst at the moment! What 3 yr old needs 2 pairs of wellies, 2 pairs of trainers, 2 pairs of boots, a pair of Toms and a pair of Uggs, last time I looked he only had 2 feet?! He isn't quite Imelda Marcos, but he isn't far off.

Anyway, I think OH is hoping by this weekend he will have got rid of most of the concrete. My brother has been a great help and has worked three days solid breaking it all up. Tuesday night after I had been down the pub I was texting a friend and walking down the driveway at the same time, must remember that there are big holes in the drive, ooops! And no, I wasn't drunk, just forgetful. Its OH's birthday tomorrow so I will let him have the day off, maybe! I had to dash out to buy cake, cards and had a deliveries of presents today, so we are ready for birthday time at least!

So, we have one child at netball club. Which is good as it means I only have to dash to one school and home again. Then the MIL runs said netball club so sometimes we are lucky enough that she takes our daughter home, feeds her and brings her home just in time for bed. So how is it that I still end up with more children in the house than I actually own?! They multiply, like Gremlins, suddenly there is another one arriving at the door. Oh and they all want to stay for tea. So I am off to look on ebay for a soup kitchen sign, some hot plates and a whole servery to feed the 5000. :-)

Oh and one last thing, baby has been helping out too, awwww!

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