Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Eating fondant fancies to keep me going through 1/2 term, looking through old photo's and the need for a holiday and a Wagamamas!!

Its now Wednesday of half term and I am on the verge of going into my little corner and rocking away! Instead I have enlisted the help of some cookies, cakes and tea to help me make it through to next Monday. The triple choc cookies hit a small spot and the fondant fancies are helping slightly too. If it gets any worse I may have to crack open the cream cakes or invest in some Cadburys Oreo chocolate bars. Missing out on my one night out didn't help but that may be solved with a trip to Wagamamas with the bestie, hopefully! I could so do with a Katsu chicken curry right now!

I was looking at old photo's the other day which got me thinking about needing a holiday. We usually do Center Parcs every year, a couple of years ago we went to Disneyland Paris which was fab and we would love to go back, hubby wants to do Florida but that is years away yet. I need a holiday NOW! Center Parcs serves us well. Our last visit was nearly a year ago. We go Mon-Fri and for Tues, Weds, Thurs we book the children into the creche for 3 hours a day and book a babysitter for the evenings too so we can get out for a meal. It's lovely, the kids really love the creche and we enjoy our 'us' time. They also enjoy swimming, badminton, pool, snooker, table tennis, outdoor play areas, the beach area by the lake and lots more activities. However, at the moment we are tied to when we can holiday. Our eldest is going through his last few months od school leading up to his GCSE's and if we go in holiday time it's nearly £1000 more than if we were to book the week after its school holiday time, which is just ridiculous!

Extension work has halted for this week. We don't want to go too much further until we have heard from building control but once we do it will be full steam ahead as OH wants the floor down and the builder in to do the brickwork by mid March I think. It's slow going, but we will get there! As a result of the extension work I have told OH that holiday plans just need to be put on hold for now and we need to concentrate on one thing. Everything is so hectic here anyway that adding a holiday into the mix just wouldn't work, unfortunately!

Another addition to our family today was my new wrap sling! To me it's a big thing! It is so comfy to wear and use so now I have my hands free at home when bubba is being a pain and not wanting to be put down and it is so comfy that I can happily carry him when out and about too. I bought a Didymos black ellipses Size 6 direct from and would recommend them highly to everyone.

I am off to finish watching Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners, I have decided that I don't need to tidy the house more, just get me one of those people as a friend and invite them round each week! :-)

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