Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Skip, skip,skip to my drive and early morning wake up calls I despise!

So I get woken up early by the baby. So then I think I have ALL the time in the world. I haven't written a post for a couple of days so feel I have neglected my duties, so I sit here at 7.20am when I should really be getting everyone ready for school, that can wait for another 5 minutes, I am enjoying the peace!

So, today my job is to hire a skip. It's not the highlight of my week but it needs to be done. I am quite looking forward to seeing the garage go. Long gone will be the days of running out into the utility room to shove the washing in the machine whilst being rained on from the leaky roof above. I was going to say I will enjoy having a utility room that I can sort all the washing out in without dragging it all into the house and making it look like a Chinese laundry, but what is enjoyable about clothes washing. It's never ending and I swear that the socks go on holiday. Never as a pair though. Nope, left has had enough of right, she's fed up of him laying around all day unwashed, so she is off. She waits until wash day and then buggers off on holiday leaving right to fend for himself, and me frustrated that I have a whole basket full of odd socks with no friends. Well I hope she is happy wherever she is!

So, anyway, skip hire, then shopping, then ladies who lunch which is a standard part of every Wednesday. Lunch with my Mum, 2 aunties, my cousin and a dwindling number of children as they have all slowly started school over the years and it gets quieter and quieter. Oh and the cake comes as standard too! I also have to fit in a visit to the Post Office, a quick shop on Next updates (for a friend!) and try and muster up something for dinner that they will actually want to it (where is that pizza menu).

I have an Approved Food delivery on the way too so I will share details of my goodies when they arrive before they get hidden away from the children who feel the need to eat it all in the space of an hour. Also more discount codes coming up on my next post, which I may sit and do tonight when kiddies are (meant to be) asleep. :-)

Right, that was a short post today, if I don't move from the PC then they will be late for school and I don't think my excuse of 'Sorry we were late, Mummy was writing a post on her blog' would be enough to gain them an approved late pass from the teachers, unfortunately.

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