Saturday, 26 January 2013

Chomping on oreo double stuff cookies and saving money tips!

Money saving tip, don't eat the whole packet of Oreo's to yourself! I feel sick now. I blame Asda, if they hadn't have substituted the normal Oreo's for double stuffed then I wouldn't have got over excited.

So, money saving,  I am useless at not being able to stop spending, yet I always like to find money off vouchers, discount codes or sales. More money to then spend I suppose but that isn't how it should work. So hopefully by writing it down I can teach  myself a lesson?! First one, grocery shopping.  I shop at all the supermarkets, I don't have a favourite although I do find Asda the cheapest overall. If shopping online take advantage of new customer discounts by using a different email address to re register. £10 off with Tesco and £12 off with Sainsbury's. I was also directed to a fab website called Approved Food, which I had never heard of before, but I am hooked. They have different stuff being delivered every week. It's all stuff that is either past its Best Before, end of lines, old packaging etc..... I go for the drinks and snacks mainly as we go through tonnes of it. You can get fab prices on there and it really helps as it cuts the cost of the main grocery shop down, unless your 15 yr old decides to go on an eating binge and eat it all in one night. That's a whole different story!

Another thing I forget to do is bulk buy on offers. For example; The children's favourite cereal is on offer so I get all excited and buy one box at half price. ONE BOX, where is that going to get me, through 2 mornings if I am lucky! I need to learn to buy 10 boxes and store (if you can!) because by the next week when you go shopping again it will not be on offer that's for sure!

Over Christmas I went discount code mad and I think out of all the presents I had to buy only a very few were bought without codes. I will add a couple that I know of now and will maybe add codes at the end of each blog. I hope they will be of use.

One last thing today, kerb your pramaholicism (that is so a made up word but I am going with it!), that will not count for a lot of people reading this, however those of you who it does, you know who you are! It's a hard habit to kick, but at the moment I think I may be cured, until I relapse!

I had a fab deal on gift cards at Argos but they pulled the offer yesterday, the meanies!, so I can't share that one!

I will post codes but cannot guarantee success!

Abercrombie & Fitch- 50% off on some sale items
Next- £10 off £15 spend- giving out cards instore
Boots- £10 off £60 spend with the code MOBILE using a mobile device (however I did get this to work on PC)
Graze- FREE Graze box with the code HELLOTASTY
Debenhams- 20% off with codes XF76 or YC72
Sainsburys- £12 off £60, first shop (just use a different email if shopped there before)- MT9K-3GR7-XH94
Disney Store- £12 off £60- Code MAGICJAN12

One more thing, NEXT UPDATES!, ever since the Next sale on Boxing Day they do regularly daily updates of their clearance section on their website, everything half price or less and something that you saw that was out of stock yesterday, might just be in stock today.

This is just a few various different ones. If anyone is looking for anything specific then please leave a (NICE) comment and I will try and help out!

That's it for today, today is the start of garage demolition. More on that another day. :-)

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