Sunday, 27 January 2013

An extension, a few arguments and the burning question.........

How do we cope? Or, how do I cope. I go from days where I feel like a partnership to days where I feel like I am a single Mum of 5 with a lodger in the house.

Well, anyway, I don't cope! I would like to think on the outside it looks like I do. However, from the outside, I look like I have been dragged through a hedge backwards and I am lucky to find a hairbrush before I leave on the school run. Mornings are hectic, and that is putting it mildly. It goes something like this;

Kiddies get up, I shout, kiddies eat breakfast, I tell them to hurry, kiddies getting dressed, I tell them to stop watching TV, kiddies finding book bags/school bags, I tell them they should have had it ready the night before, kiddies running out the door before me, I tell them to slow down!! And breathe! Alarm clocks going off too late doesn't help. The OH thinks it's OK to still get up at 7.45am because he thinks he only has himself to get ready.

Throw into the mix a 15 yr old who needs about 50 wake up calls before he even surfaces from his pit with a teenage groan, a bit like Kevin the teenager from the Harry Enfield sketch, you know the one!

Anyway, once they are at school, we head home and into a kind of calm. Jobs need doing and I am still left with a toddler and a baby. Up until recently when our 3 year old started nursery on Tuesdays and Thursdays all day (bliss!). After school is the same chaos. They are hungry, they have homework, they have reading books, they want food, they need a bath, and nothing can be done without an argument! Oh and hubby expects to come home to his tea on the table, his pipe and slippers ready by his favourite chair and the sports channel on the TV. Sonn he will expect me to throw a tartan blanket over his knees and buy him a rocking chair!

Today myself and my OH have spent most of the day arguing, let's just say that the way he speaks to me and the constant 'Oh all you do is sit and watch Jeremy Kyle all day' attitude is getting to me slightly. He then expects me to phone people, talk to people, take paperwork into the council offices for him etc.... He has phone phobia and people phobia, it's laughable!

Which leads into the extension project update. He has spent most of the weekend in the garage, taken the electrical stuff out, started taking the roof off and now needs a skip. Which if he says 'Oh I need a skip' enough times, he assumes I will order it! Or it will turn up by itself. Next weekend we are calling on the men of the family to come and help with the big demolition, the easy part, I think I may go and take a sledgehammer and take some of my frustrations out on a brick wall, it can only help right??!

So, this weeks goals are, to watch as much Jeremy Kyle as I possibly can and do nothing in the house, then he will see what I actually do do for the lot them. :-)

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