Tuesday, 14 January 2020

[AD] REVIEW of the Clementoni action & reaction set and mechanics laboratory monster truck STEM kits

We had these amazing STEM kits sent to us from Clementoni to review and the children loved them. 
STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and maths. 

There has been a lot of focus on STEM recently as it’s thought that less children/young adults are focussing on these as a college or career path now than in past years. 

In our house the children can spend a bit too much time on their tablets. Playing games, watching YouTube or occasionally getting some homework done. 

However I’m always very keen to get them more hands on and involved in making and doing projects either on their own or working together. 

First of all the children wanted to try out the Clementoni action and reaction set. With more than 120 buildable components there are so many possibilities to make a track to watch the chain reaction of events on this marble run style kit. 

With this truly unique scientific kit, finding out about the wonders of physics becomes easy and great fun! A science lab packed with special pieces and accessories offering lots of playing options where kids can experiment with gravity, forces and levers. The illustrated manual will guide the little players as they attempt increasingly difficult tasks, entertaining them as they learn! It comes with some scales, a hammer pendulum, slides, towers and lots of other pieces for kids to grow in knowledge as they build ingenious compositions. 

The children absolutely loved trying out different configurations of the track. Each ball is weighted slightly differently so you have to use each one correctly to create the correct reaction. We loved this and it’s been played with so many times since we received it. 

The next kit was the mechanics laboratory monster truck kit. With over 200 components to make 10 different vehicle combinations each with a different difficulty level this kit is great. Build, engineer and experiment with motion transmission. 

Build the vehicles using levers and gears with independent suspension on the vehicles too. Choose from the monster truck or other vehicles such as the hot rod, spider truck and many more. 

With the easy to follow instruction booklet or online with the 3D instructions in the mechanics laboratory app this was a great kit for our 2 children aged 10 and 13 years. Our youngest at age 7 helped out Daddy with a build too though! 

Both kits are recommended for age 8 years + although with a little help our 7 year old loved these too especially the action and reaction set. 

With a great price point too these Clementoni STEM kits are fantastic value and with so many to choose from you can really get hands on with so many different activities. 

We will definitely be looking into getting more for the children to enjoy. 

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