Wednesday, 8 January 2020

My 10 goals for 2020. Here's to achieving more in this new year.

I don’t usually write a list of goals. We shouldn’t want or need for anything except for us all to be happy and healthy in the year ahead. However this year I’ve set a list of goals which I hope I can achieve. 

Here I share my goals for 2020

1. To save money. I wrote a blog post a few days ago about saving money Keeping track of our spending & saving a little too and shared ways in which I was going to try this year. This would then of course benefit many of my goals for 2020 such as going out more and taking a holiday. It doesn't have to be a lot, missing a takeaway here or a Costa Coffee can all add up although I know we can save more than that if we really try. 

2. Spend more time with the children on a one to one basis. With five children it can be difficult at times to spend time with them on a one to one basis. Thing 5 was taken to a George Ezra concert last year with just myself and Dadof5 which was lovely but it is very rare for us to go out with just one child. I spent the day with the 2 girls in London just before Christmas which again was lovely and a rarity so I would like to make time for them to do something nice with each child on their own.

Thing 5 at the Royal Albert Hall ready for the George Ezra concert.

Lose weight. Well this one has been an on/off goal for nearly a year now! A few years ago I did so well with Slimming World and reached my goal within just 5 months. I then put the weight back on and in the past 9 months I have been trying to shift it again. I lost 1 stone before Christmas and now need to get back on it and lose some more. I need to find my motivation again and stop sitting in front of the TV when the children are at school. 

Share more random acts of kindness. At Christmas we dropped a basket full of goodies round to our neighbours and left it there on their doorstep for them to find. It felt good to have done something nice for others and we would like to do more. Maybe doing the same again this Christmas for a different neighbour or other things like offering to help with a job around the house or paying for someones coffee when visiting your favourite coffee shop. 

5. Spend more time with Dadof5. Again this was something I covered in a previous blog post Treating ourselves & remembering to celebrate special occasion together! Whether it’s going out to celebrate a birthday or anniversary rather than just getting a takeaway or just popping down the pub for a drink for an hour instead of just sitting at home. Now the children are older it’s easier to get out and leave the older children in charge for an hour or two so we really have no excuses.

Blog more. This year has started well although as I write more blog posts I do feel like I may be boring you all. I want to blog more, write more, try and make it a bit more interesting too. Fingers crossed I can. Although I maybe shouldn't be trying to write a blog post a day, among too high already! 

Vlog more. Eeek! I’m not one for jumping in front of a camera willingly. However I would like to vlog more. Which means learning lots including editing videos and getting them on to YouTube.  Maybe recording more of our days out or just what the children are up to as well. Again, making them interesting and trying to make myself look half decent before I jump in front of the camera! 

8. Wear more colour (and ditch the jeans!). I live in my jeans and trainers or more recently (especially over Christmas!) my leggings. I would love to wear more colourful clothes, maybe even a dress or two and try not to look like I’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards or got dressed in the dark! She says as she sits in her jeans & black jumper combo, I will try, honestly! 

9. Pamper myself more. When I say pamper what I mean is just get my hair cut more often rather than leaving it 6 months or more because all I do is tie it back every day and leave it at that. I would also like to try and apply a bit of make up (to hide dark circles under the eyes!) and so I don’t scare you all so much if I do get in front of the camera. I have bought make up in the past, used it a couple of times and then it ends up in Thing 3’s make up stash. I’ve not been one for wearing make up but would like to try and use it without making myself look like a clown.

10. Take the children on holiday. Again, another one from a previous blog post. We used to go to Center Parcs every year which stopped around the time Thing 5 was born. Apart from our annual trips to Cornwall for a few days, which the Things love, we haven’t been on holiday anywhere else. Our goal is New York at the end of November. Hopefully towards the end of the year we can share this adventure with you. 

So there we have it. 10 goals for 2020. Hopefully all achievable if I set my mind to it and get motivated! It’s only me who can make it possible to achieve all of these goals and hopefully over the next few weeks I can get started with quite a few of them. I will update in a month or so on how things are going. 

Here’s to a much more productive year than previous years! 

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