Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Goo Goo Galaxy Slurp n Slime Goo Drop toy review

We recently received a Goo Goo Galaxy Slurp n Slime toy from Character Toys to review and the children loved it. Anything that involves slime is very much welcome by the children in this house so Thing 5 couldn't wait to get started with this set. 

What's included; 

1 x Large Goo Drop doll
1 x Candy Comet
1 x goo drop stand
1 x bowl
1 x whisk 
1 x reGoovinator 
5 x glitter fills
2 x slime sachets
1 x passport
1 x glitter seal sheet

The set includes everything to make slime including the powder to mix with water, a mixing bowl and whisk, 5 additional sachets of glittery sparkles to add to your slime and a syringe or 'reGOOvinator' to add the slime inside your goo goo galaxy toy. 

After measuring out the required amount of water into the mixing bowl you have to ensure you mix it enough to not leave any lumps in the slime. Thing 3 helped out with this too. 

After that we added the chosen glitter sparkles and gave it another mix ready for filling up the toy. 

You use the syringe supplied to put all of the slime that you have made inside the toy. You can see it from inside it's squishy body as you fill it up. This can get a little messy and if you don't mix it enough you cam get lumps stuck in the syringe and so it can get a bit fiddly, not that Thing 5 cared. The more slime and mess the better! 

Once it is filled with the slime that you made it has a dummy that you can put in its mouth or you can squeeze it's body and the slime comes back out into the bowl, Thing 5 thought this was hilarious! 

There is 2 pouches of the slime making powder and 5 sachets of glitter to add to your slime. 

This toy is a straight out of the box and ready to go toy and very easy to use and play with which is always a good thing when it comes to set up and play time. 

The doll is of a good size and they had great fun filling it with slime and squeezing it out again. Slime seems to be a favourite in our house at the moment! 

They absolutely loved this and found it so easy to use and play with. It has been played with a few times since and it is a great toy. With a price point of £29.99 it is fab and can be found in many good toy stores as well as online at https://www.character-online.com/goo-goo-galaxy-slurp-n-slime-goo-drop 

Disclaimer - {ad} we were sent this toy for the purpose of a review. All thoughts and comments are our own. 

Monday, 4 November 2019

Review {AD} 3Doodler Start Essential Pen set. 3D art for children.

As the children get older it's always great to find new things for them to try out. Whether it be new games, toys or arts and crafts. 

When the 3Doodler pen set first arrived there was so many people wanting to try it out in our house! 

With the pen and USB  cable to charge, 48 plastic strands to get started with your 3D creations and a booklet full of fun activities to get you started this is a great activity kit for children. 

The contents of the box. 

Thing 5 just getting started with the 3Doodler Pen. 

The 3Doodler pen is so easy to use and it's so easy to set up and get started. It's very safe for children to use and with a bit of practise there is so much you can make and create. We weren't very good at the 3d creations but with a bit of practise I am sure we can make something pretty spectacular. Thing 5 is only 7 so it took a bit of getting used to for him and he wrote his name on a piece of paper with it. The colour comes out of the pen quote slowly and is controlled be the press of a button. 

This is a great product and used to it's full potential it can create such beautiful pieces of art. I will update very soon with a creation from one of the older children! 

The colour choice that the plastic strands come in is fab for getting started too. 

With a price point of around £44.99 it's a great gift for any budding artist or crafter. Available at Smyths Toys and other retailers. 

Disclaimer {AD}; We were sent the 3Doodler for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and comments are our own. 

REVIEW {ad}; Spinmaster Hatchimals Royal Snowball Pixies collectible toys

Hatchimals from Spinmaster have been a Christmas favourite for a few years now and they have lots of different toys available this year including these fab Royal Snowball Pixies collectibles. 

You get one collectible toy per pack encased in an egg which you need to 'hatch' yourself. 

With 8 to collect and each pixie coming with it's own spinning stand and 2 accessories inside there is so much play potential with these collectible figures. The figures are also jointed so you can move their arms and legs for fun play time. 

We were sent two pixies to unbox in pink and purple colours. Thing 5 had the task of 'hatching' the pixies out of their eggs. There is a heart on the front of each one which you rub for a little while until the heat changes the colour and then break through the egg like shell to find your pixie inside. 

The eggs are made from synthetic eggshell which you peel back and throw away, leaving the contents and the egg base.

Each pixie has some wings and a tiara inside the egg too which I am sure you can mix and match with your other pixies for all sorts of wonderful colour ways and styles. 

Once Thing 5 had broken through the shell we could find out what pixies he had found. We had Peach Paulette and Polar Piper. Both glittery, shiny and very cute. With their own spinning stand which was inside the egg along with the pixie and her accessories. 

With a very reasonable price point of £7.99 each these are great little collectibles as gifts or treats. With 8 to collect too it's great to hatch the egg to see which pixie you will get next. 

Ad Disclaimer; We were sent these toys for the purpose of a review. All thoughts and comments are our own.