Tuesday, 3 September 2019

We survived the holidays! Two birthdays, a wedding, days out & where did August go?!

I say this every year but........ didn’t the Summer holidays go so quickly.

Here we are with just 5 days to go until back to school and we can’t quite believe it.

The start of the holidays were pretty quiet. We spent days at home or locally, just chilling and enjoying not having to wake up early for school.

By mid August things started to get busy. We had Thing 2 and 5s birthday on the same day which they spent at a local trampoline park followed by a McDonald’s birthday tea. Having two birthdays on the same day isn’t always easy when they are different ages but luckily they were both happy to go to the same place and we all had a great time.

We then had Auntof5’s wedding. Thing 2 and 3 were bridesmaids and had been to many dress fittings and hair appointments beforehand. On the day it was fabulous. Dadof5 was an usher and scrubbed up nicely! It was a long day and we were lucky that my parents were able to pick up Things 4 and 5 in the evening so we could enjoy the evening reception and stay at the hotel overnight and relax.

Dadof5 and myself had then booked a week off which we do each summer. We had a couple of days out planned and the week soon flew by. We visited a lovely local country park that we hadn’t been to before and will definitely visit again. It’s called Dinton Pastures in Winnersh. It had a lovely big park for the children, mini golf, boating lake, cafe and more. We took a picnic and the children enjoyed the park before we walked along the lake and fed the ducks. The children then paddled in a small river/brook running the other side of the path from the lake and the water was so clear.

The next day we went into Windsor. I love Windsor but have yet to visit the castle. We’ve been a few times and walked around the outside of the castle, walked along the Long Walk and looked around the shops. This time we went on a river boat along the Thames. It was around 40 minutes and took you along past Eton and up towards Bray Lock before turning back again. It was lovely and thy tell you lots of facts about things as you go along. I also spotted a lovely house on the edge of the river, when I win the lottery!

We took a picnic which we ate in the park in Windsor before jumping in the car and driving along to Runnymede where there is another park and a small splash pool. The Things loved this and spent a good amount of time in there whilst we sat outside watching. We then enjoyed ice creams before heading home.

Both days we were out for most of the day and it was nice to get away from home. Dadof5 had spent the first part of the holidays trying to get our new decking area finished outside the back of the house too and it was finished in the first part of our week off. We’ve never spent so much time in the garden since as it’s really made a difference. See our new docking project completed here; Our garden makeover 2019

Throw in a few barbecues, meals out and a wonderful afternoon tea here with family on Bank Holiday Monday and that brings us to the last full week of the holidays.

I’ve now spent the last week buying back to school supplies, checking we have everything ready and trying (failing!) to get the children back into a good sleep routine ready for next week.

Another summer holiday has passed and we are all very much looking forward to October half term already as we are off to Cornwall for a few days which the children absolutely love. Then it’s countdown to Christmas, sorry I said the C word! 

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