Friday, 13 September 2019

Things not to say to your customers as a checkout assistant.

I love my job I really do. Since starting work two years ago I have made some fab work friends and also got to know some customers really well. They are friendly, chatty and always pop by your checkout to ask how you are. 

I always try and be friendly and polite to my customers, some are chatty and some would rather just do their shopping and go and that is fine. Then there are those times when you should have just kept quiet.

Here's one of those times..............

You know when you get to the checkout, you want the shortest queue but also an assistant who looks like they might want to actually chat with you while you pack the £3 million worth of shopping that seems to have jumped into your trolley. Well I am chatty checkout assistant except sometimes I should just keep my mouth shut. 

Yesterday I was unleashed from my cigarette kiosk where, quite often, you serve customers so quickly there’s no time for chatter. I don’t get out very often so the whiff of freedom must have gone to my head. 

There I am on my checkout. I have 3 customers. Lady I’m serving, regular customer behind her and one more behind him. 

Regular customer; ‘I’ve got my 2 year old granddaughter coming to stay, you need eyes in the back of your head with a toddler around’ 

Don’t we know it!

So I point at his 4 pack of beers and say ‘that’s not going to get you through the weekend, I’ve got 5 kids and that’s what I have for breakfast each morning’ 

Wtf, what did I just say?! 

Lady customer giggles nervously, she’s unsure whether I’m joking or not but looking at the state of me I’m sure she thinks it’s true. 

Regular customer is having a laughing fit. 

Third customer who didn’t want to talk to anyone but got dragged in stifles a giggle before composing himself. 

I feel like I’ve just stood up in an AA meeting and said ‘My name is Mumof5 and I’m an alcoholic’ except I’m not and now I’m backtracking. 

‘I’m joking, honestly, I don’t even drink. Plus the kids are back at school now so it’s all fine’
I shouldn’t be allowed out. I’m rethinking my checkout chat skills and heading back to my kiosk. 🤣🤣

I don’t drink, honestly 


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  1. hahaha! This did make me chuckle.
    My fella used to work at a shop and always let his mouth run away with him with the regular customers! x