Wednesday, 4 September 2019

It’s ok to rejoice that the children are back at school and it’s ok to be sad too

This time of year stirs up so many emotions among parents and children. The first days of school can be such an anxious time for us all. 

Whether it’s your first child starting or your tenth child they all deal with these new beginnings differently and we as parents get anxious and teary every single time. 

Thing 4 ready for his first day at Infant school, now he's heading into Year 5.

I’ve had five children go through infant school but with my last I was super emotional. It was the end of an era for me. My youngest baby was growing up and we were leaving the wonderful infant school that we had been part of for so many years. 

Thing 3 ready for her first day at Senior school. She will be heading into Year 9 when she goes back this year.

Some children take it all in their stride, first day of school no problem. Others don’t though and it can be upsetting to see your child scared to go into their new class or school. A lot of reassurance is needed for them as they settle in to their new surroundings and we know their new teacher will be ready for those first day nerves from her pupils and will look after them for us.

Lots of reassurance is what is needed before their first days and during those first few days and weeks of school. That’s reassurance for the children and us as parents. As well as the children finding new friends we can find new friends in the playground at drop off and pick up, people who are sharing the same anxious new school journey as us. 

Things 4 and 5 were together for one year in Infant school before Thing 4 moved up to Juniors. 

Sometimes children can find the first couple of years easy and just as they settle in and find their feet they start junior school or have a change in teacher. Even if they are going back to the same school they left six weeks ago it can still feel daunting for them. The school that they went into no problem last year can seem so scary or uncertain this year and so we need to be prepared for any changes that they face each year and not just their first year at school.

When I dropped Thing 5 off last September it was the start of his last year at infant school and whilst I was feeling sad Dadof5 was happy in the fact that soon he would be joining his brother in the nearby Junior school and we would be down to one school to drop off and pick up from. How can 2 people feel so different about something?!

We can also rejoice too. Don’t be afraid to let out a little sigh of relief that the children are finally back to school. Although we’ve really enjoyed our six weeks off and haven’t missed the early morning alarm call for school we can’t wait to get back into the routine. We’ve filled our holidays with fun, laughter, days out and a few chillaxed ones too but we are ready for the new term, new beginnings and new schools too.

So here’s to new beginnings, happy school days and finding their feet after first day nerves. I hope your children enjoy their days at school and make new friends along the way.

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