Friday, 6 September 2019

A shout out to the fabulous Honeywell Bakes. Bespoke iced biscuits, cookies & more

I decided that I needed to dedicate a blog post to the wonderful people at Honeywell Bakes.

I first met the ladies from Honeywell Bakes at a Christmas in July event back in 2015. I remember they were giving away some of their biscuits and I got asked the dreaded question of ‘How many children do you have?’ so I could take biscuits for them. Luckily one of the lovely ladies knew what it was like to have lots of children and I didn’t have to feel so uneasy like I usually do!

The advent biscuit tin from 2015

 At the time I remember being in awe of their wonderfully decorated biscuits and ordered the fab Christmas advent biscuit tin from them for myself that year. A biscuit for each day of advent was a fab treat for myself and I looked forward to eating the biscuits with a lovely cup of tea! 

Since then we’ve had new mum biscuits for an expectant friend, Easter biscuits, donut biscuits and the latest bespoke ice cream biscuits we had delivered last week and went down very well with our family. 

Thing 4's birthday biscuits from last year in the cute panda donut design. These  were so cute that I didn't want them to be eaten. 

Thing 2 and 5s 'ice cream' birthday biscuits from this year. These were great and a lovely sized biscuit. They looked great on the table with our afternoon tea treats.

Every time I get a Honeywell Bakes delivery I am so excited to open the box. I’m never disappointed with the amazing biscuits they deliver which are so wonderfully decorated.

Easter biscuits from their 2019 easter collection. These bunnies biscuits were super cute.

I am so excited to see what is on offer from them this festive season too. I've already seen a sneak peek over on their Instagram page and will be stocking up on their tasty treats for Christmas time. 

As well as all of the goodies on offer on their website they do also offer a bespoke service too so be sure to check that out for any special occasions. 
They have so much to offer on their website for every occasion.

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