Saturday, 17 August 2019

Are you ready for back to school? The last minute uniform and stationery purchases.

Back to School ready? Stationery, uniform and bag shopping done?

I would love to let everyone know that this year I have been super organised but I would be fibbing! Each year I say that I will do all of my back to school shopping early and get it done and out of the way and yet I still haven't bought new backpacks, uniform and stationery.

So I still face the daunting task of hitting the shops and hoping I can find everything I need in one go. I’m not going out again! Thing 2 and 3 both found backpacks in Superdry so I know what they want and I will probably order those online. 

Our impending backpack purchases. You won't miss Thing 3 with her choice of Superdry bag!

Thing 4 and 5 are at a non uniform school and so I just need to make sure they have plenty of clothes to wear as 'uniform'. Thing 5 did get these fab personalised socks from SCHOOLSOX which come in 7 different colours in the ankle socks to match all school uniforms. They also do sports socks, trainer socks and knee high socks as well personalised socks for men and women too. 

Personalised school socks from SCHOOLSOX

School shoes are also needed for both older girls and I may need to get Thing 5’s shoes checked too. Thing 5 will have Clark’s or Startrite shoes but the older girls tend to want to choose heir own and I have to keep an eye on what they choose. I know in the past they have chosen some which haven’t lasted very well at all, we need hardwearing yet stylish! Thing 4 and 5 don’t have a uniform at his school so he has plenty of pairs of shoes already that he can wear to school as well as being able to wear anything from his wardrobe too so he is back to school ready.

We are all set up with gym bags and lunch boxes from Smiggle. The Smiggle range is always amazing for back to school and you can get everything you need including backpacks, lunchboxes, gym bags, pencil cases, water bottles, stationery and more. We’ve always found the Smiggle products long lasting and durable. Thing 4 has his backpack from last year which still looks as new.

Smiggle bags at the ready! Backpack, gym bag and lunchboxes all ready. 

The older girls got some fab monochrome stationery items from Poundland last year which I was really impressed with. this year they have a great range of back to school products again which is fab value for money and stationery is one thing I really need to stock up on this year. It looks great and I’m hoping they keep it all in their pencil cases for more than the first week.

The teens Poundland stationery haul

We’ve also had some stationery sent from Staedtler UK. Their Noris range is great with chunky colouring pencils as well as sharpeners, rubbers and the iconic yellow and black pencils we all had at school. It’s ideal for all of the children to use from infant school right through to senior school and I know they will all get full use of the products we have here.

Our fab bundle of Staedtler Noris stationery. All ready for back to school. 

So there we have it. The Summer holidays are flying by in the blink of an eye and it only feels like they finished school last week. The last few days of freedom are looming and we are hurriedly getting ready for back to school. 

Are you ready for back to school?