Monday, 10 June 2019

The nightmare that was......... shopping for a prom dress

I've done prom shopping once before. Six years ago Thing 1 finished school and the Year 11 prom had arrived. 

However it was so much easier that time. He needed a suit, we went to one shop found a suit, bought it, job done. 

Prom dress shopping is a whole different experience. Stressful, fraught, anxious, hellish even. 

See you can't have the same dress as someone else from school. You want a specific style, big puffy skirt, short skirt, fish tail skirt, short sleeves, long sleeves, no sleeves, all the sequins and it HAS to be purple. 

This all started back in January because you need THE dress and it takes time to find THE dress, anyone would think she was getting married and having the biggest day of her life. Anyway, we visited one local bridal store and around 7-8 dresses were tried on. One particular dress was shortlisted as long as we could have it in purple which we could. 

Then BAM you are hit with the price. Now don't get me wrong, a lot of work goes into making these dresses and the detail on some of them is immense but its for ONE NIGHT. For around five-six hours maximum and then it will never be worn again. Only today  I went into Thing 2's room and found her prom dress we have now purchased thrown to one side.

We left being told that we had to order asap, dresses take around 6-12 weeks from order to delivery, then it needs to be altered and they've already had quite a few girls from the same school in that shop and ordered their dresses already. Wow, it was overwhelming. I felt put on the spot, I had my daughter begging for a dress that cost a fortune and the shop owner bombarding me with all the above. 

We left the shop and I told Thing 2 that we would also look elsewhere. Prom still felt so far away and I wasn't happy to spend that amount on a dress for one night. 

I also looked online, there were so many different websites that had prom dresses and bridesmaid dresses suitable for the occasion. Dorothy Perkins, Debenhams, Monsoon, Coast and Quiz are just some of the places I looked and there were plenty of dresses to choose from. However we were struggling with the colour option. I found lovely navy, grey, pink or burgundy dresses but no purple. 

This dress from Dorothy Perkins bridesmaid dress section is lovely and very similar to some that we had seen in other shops. 

By now we are heading into May, prom night is the end of June. Thing 2 is badgering me to get a dress sorted. She still wants to visit another local shop. This shop gives you gloves when you walk in so you don't mark the dresses, it's not going to be an inexpensive place to shop. As we were now around 8 weeks away from prom we could only have a dress straight off the rack as books had closed for ordering. This meant we were limited on choice as she wanted purple, a specific size and a design she liked. We left empty handed, not only because there wasn't anything but even if there was we were looking at mega £££'s again.

These 2 dresses from Quiz are lovely. I really like navy at the moment and love the detail on the one on the right. However, according to Thing 2 lots of people are wearing navy dresses to prom.

The stress was getting too much, the badgering from Thing 2 was too much and the pressure from others was too much. It seems such a competition not only to have the best looking dress but to have the most expensive one too or that's what it seems like. As well as the dress they need shoes, hair and make top done, fake tan, nails done and a car to get to the prom.

Then a friend of Auntof5 suggested a website that we hadn't looked at and so we headed there to look. I was worried that there would be no purple or sequins but all was ok. There were so many to choose from and their prices were fantastic. With the help of a first order discount code we chose an amazing dress that fitted what Thing 2 wanted perfectly. It was delivered within a coupe of days and fitted perfectly too with just a little adjustment to the length needed. It's fantastic and will look perfect on prom night. 

Thankfully the purchase has now been made, we finally found the right one with the right amount of sequins and purpleyness!! We will share a picture on prom day which is fast approaching.

Whatever happened to a disco in the school hall?! 

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