Thursday, 28 February 2019

Review - Casdon Toy Dyson Cord-Free Vacuum Cleaner

Casdon Dyson cord-free vacuum cleaner REVIEW 

When the Casdon toy Dyson cord-free vacuum cleaner arrived in our house I was ever so slightly jealous of who was going to get to use it! 

Looking exactly like the real thing, my youngest couldn't wait to get stuck in and try it out. Putting it together was so easy. With just a few clicks the three parts were together and we were ready to get started on hoovering the entire house!

With it's realistic sounds and small plastic pieces that move around inside the cylinder, Thing 5 happily hoovered away for ages. Being just like a grown up and hoovering away, he always wants to use Nanny's real Dyson cord-free hoover when we go and visit so he was delighted to have his own to use at home. 

It requires 3 x AA batteries which weren't included but it can still be used for pretend play without the batteries. 

The toy hoover has mainly be used as a full length cleaner but it can be used, just like a real Dyson, as a short handled cleaner too. Which means Thing 5 has also tackled the stairs and sofas for me in his cleaning frenzy with his new Dyson. 

The Casdon Dyson cord-free vacuum cleaner is aimed at children aged 3 years+ and is so easy to use. It all comes apart with just a push of a red button so it's easy for little ones to be able to change the hoover from one mode to another without getting frustrated at not being able to do it themselves. There are great play opportunities with the hoover and Thing 5 loves following me around whilst I hoover too. 

The cyclone action which then moves the coloured plastic pieces around inside means it looks and acts like a real Dyson, feeling like they are picking up things from the floor as they go. 

It is also very light so can be carried around easily. It also stores very well without being too bulky, it stands on its own too so can be tucked out of the way but ready for use straight away because there is no need to pack all the pieces up or store it out of the way. 

The Casdon Dyson cord-free vacuum cleaner is available from Amazon and Smyths Toys. 

Disclaimer; We were gifted the Casdon Dyson cord-free vacuum cleaner for the purposes of this review. All thoughts expressed and comments are our own. 


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