Monday, 28 January 2019

The one where Mum goes all 'home improvement' and gets DIY crazy!

The OH has always been the one to call on for a bit of DIY. Whenever I suggest getting someone in to do some decorating for us he scoffs at the idea and grabs the paint rollers! 

When we did the extension six years ago we did a lot of the work ourselves to begin with. Knocking down the old garage, digging the foundations, filling in the concrete and laying the block and beam floor.

Anything that he can do himself he will do it rather than pay someone to do it! Which also means it takes a little while longer for anything to get done. 

Recently though he seems to have become a bit oblivious to what needs doing or maybe just avoiding it all. So when I recently ordered some paint and paint rollers so I could get on and paint the hallway he asked what it was for?! 

Now I am far from a perfectionist when it comes to DIY, I just want it done. The upstairs hallway is currently grey with a bit of blue and cream thrown in from previous DIY attempts that all were unfinished (I confess, it was me!). The ceiling hasn't been painted since it was replastered six years ago and the loft hatch has turned a nice shade of yellow. So here I am armed with paint, gloss, brushes and rollers and Dadof5 tells the Things I ordered all the stuff for him to do it. 

I could have sent that not so subtle hint of having painting equipment ordered and addressed to him to get him motivated but I was, and still am, going to do it or at least start it! I quite like painting and there's nothing to say that the stuff that was delivered isn't going to stay in the packaging for the next six months if I don't start anyway, sometimes we just need to give them a little nudge to get started! 

This isn't a dig at Dadof5, as I mentioned he is always keen to do lots himself. A couple of years ago he fitted a new kitchen, still slightly unfinished but fitted and perfectly useable whilst I enjoyed the ripping down of the old kitchen. With the help of Grandparentsof5 we laid a new path and gravel driveway at the front of the house as seen here Garden makeover on a budgettore down and rebuilt the fencing in the back garden last summer, I did help with those projects. He fitted a new bathroom downstairs when the extension was completed and a few months ago he repainted our old tired bedroom and built a new bed and furniture, whilst I watched telling him what to do. 


There are still so many projects still to do, albeit slightly small ones and some only decor. I have written a big list which always seems quite daunting but also satisfying when you complete a job and it can be scrapped from the list.

The DIY list is long but as I said it is small projects that can be ticked off quite quickly. A little bit of DIY and paint and the addition of some accessories and it will look a lot better than it does now. 

However, as soon as you finish one you start another and by the time they are all finished the first project you did looks like it needs doing again! 

Grandadof5 has been tasked with making another house bed as seen in Thing 5's bedroom. Now it's Thing 4's turn for a bedroom makeover, more about those in an upcoming blog post. 

Our recent bedroom makeover

Thing 5's bedroom makeover, house bed made by the fabulous Grandadof5

For now I am off to grab a paint brush and get Dadof5 motivated. There's DIY to do and there's no time to waste!

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