Tuesday, 29 January 2019

The January blues. The longest month ever and everyone’s skint!

January, oh January! Hardly anyone looks forward to January. It's at least a bazillion days long too. However, we are nearly there! 

We’ve just had a lovely Christmas. You spend time with family or go away on a lovely holiday over the festive season and then January hits and it’s back to reality.

You also get paid early before Christmas, which at the time we all think is very handy for Christmas and we spend out on gifts, festive food and decorations for the house. Various Christmas parties and gatherings with work colleagues or friends and families and we are all having a fab time.

Between Christmas and New Year you live off of leftover turkey and Christmas chocolates, you watch endless amounts of films on TV even though you’ve seen them millions of times before and you lose track of what day it is, life is good.

The Christmas tree and some festive sausage rolls, we may have eaten too many! 

Then, BAM, January hits you square in the face. Back to work and school. Back to the every day.

You also start thinking about everything you want to do in 2019. You look up holidays, write a list of home improvements that should have been done in 2018 (and 2017, 2016 etc...), you aim to drink less, eat less and try Veganuary.

By mid January you have either started off really well or struggling with your new lifestyle choices. You realise it’s still at least 2 weeks until payday and  it feels like you got paid about three months ago.

You decide that cutting out alcohol  completely and eating healthily maybe wasn’t a good idea because right now you could really do with a large glass of wine and a bar of chocolate. January sucks.

Then there’s the weather and boy do we love to moan about the weather. Suddenly January decides to throw in a blast of cold weather and the threat of snow which could last weeks and we are wondering what we did to deserve this kind of treatment! I get it though, it’s the middle of winter, we are not going to be basking in the sun so it’s to be expected however we are still going to moan about it.

A snowy day in 2010. Snow is heading our way again soon. 

I’m not saying it’s all doom and gloom. If you are still succeeding in your goals that you’ve set that’s fab. With everything that January throws at us it’s not easy to stay on track with things if you are feeling unmotivated or stressed with other aspects of life.

Also the Christmas period for some isn’t a great time. Family time can bring tension and arguments. Some people are alone for Christmas and a lot of people spend too much over Christmas and then have to deal with it for the rest of the new year. 

If you are dealing with money worries or are feeling down or lonely, please reach out to someone. There is always someone who can help. Whether it's a friend or neighbour that you can confide it, your GP or even The Samaritans who are always there at the end of a phone line to talk. Getting January out of the way may make things slightly easier for some but that doesn't mean it gets easier for everyone. 

So as we wave goodbye to January please congratulate each other on doing so well on keeping to their healthy eating or new fitness regime, don't make people feel bad for trying something new or make them feel bad for not sticking to it but let them know that they did well in trying something new. If you can see someone struggling don't let them struggle alone but lend a helping hand or just an ear to listen, a little goes a long way for someone who isn't having a good start to the year. 

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