Friday, 19 October 2018

Dear Nan, my final goodbye..............

Dear Nan, my final goodbye..............

As this blog post goes live your final journey will just be beginning. Starting at the house where you were born and lived all of your life and ending at the place where we have to say Goodbye one final time.

I am rubbish with words but here goes.

The hardest farewells are the ones where you know you won't see that person ever again. We did have time to prepare, although nothing can ever really prepare you for these final goodbyes.

I knew today would be hard but didn't think I would cry on one of the school teachers this morning, you would have told me to pull myself together but Thing 5 was sad this morning too. 

You were always such a strong and independent person up until the day you were taken ill. All of your life was spent working in the shop and caring for others, looking after your sons and taking care of Grandad when he was taken ill. 

So many people have fond memories of the store that you ran and the wonderful couple that you and Grandad were. Helping out the local community and running the shop to provide everything they needed. They don't make local stores like they used to!

As we were growing up you looked after us on many occasions. The time we stayed with you and I hated the sound of the loud ticking clock in our room, I am sure I tested your patience but you never complained. The Sunday walks down the lane, the warm toast with anchor butter on that you made us after school and the trips out to town to buy us new dresses and to have lunch.

 More recently I would pop round to yours for a cuppa and you would have some lunch ready, salmon sandwiches and a cake. You would always say 'I need some help with my crossword' or the name game in your daily newspaper and I would try and help if I could (although Google sometimes helped too, sorry Nan!). After a goodbye hug the smell of your perfume would linger for days afterwards. 

The times you would step into every new car of Auntieof5's and would exclaim 'Ooh it's so lovely'. Even if she had a car that was ready for the scrap yard you would have said it still.

How Dadof5 would do such silly things that you would say that he always makes you laugh even up until your final few moments when he told you to 'Go and be with Noris' even though your husband's name was Maurice. I bet you are all having a giggle over that now. 

You loved an afternoon tea especially if it came with a glass of prosecco or two. You loved trying lots of cakes and scones although nothing will ever beat a slice of your much loved banana cake you always used to make.

In March this year you welcomed your first great, great granddaughter and you were so happy when you first met her and held her in your arms. Then in August you turned 90 years old and received so many cards from everyone who loved and cared for you, what a wonderful age to reach. 

Even when you were poorly in hospital you joked with the nurse. The nurse was giving you some water and you told her it would go down much better if it was Baileys or a shandy!

We would visit as much as we could over the nine weeks that you were there, sometimes you were sleeping and I would just stroke your hair and other times you were awake and as chatty as you could be.

Great great Nan and great great granddaughter. Their final goodbye.

In those final few days you still never complained. You stayed as strong as you could even though you were growing weak until, on September 16th, you passed away. I had only seen you just half an hour before and I was so cross I hadn't stayed longer to be with you. 


So as we spend today saying goodbye to the greatest Nan anyone could ask for we will raise a glass of Leffe, eat banana cake and I might even do a crossword or two. 

Goodbye Nan........... until we meet again. xxx

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