Friday, 19 October 2018

Dear Nan, my final goodbye..............

Dear Nan, my final goodbye..............

As this blog post goes live your final journey will just be beginning. Starting at the house where you were born and lived all of your life and ending at the place where we have to say Goodbye one final time.

I am rubbish with words but here goes.

The hardest farewells are the ones where you know you won't see that person ever again. We did have time to prepare, although nothing can ever really prepare you for these final goodbyes.

I knew today would be hard but didn't think I would cry on one of the school teachers this morning, you would have told me to pull myself together but Thing 5 was sad this morning too. 

You were always such a strong and independent person up until the day you were taken ill. All of your life was spent working in the shop and caring for others, looking after your sons and taking care of Grandad when he was taken ill. 

So many people have fond memories of the store that you ran and the wonderful couple that you and Grandad were. Helping out the local community and running the shop to provide everything they needed. They don't make local stores like they used to!

As we were growing up you looked after us on many occasions. The time we stayed with you and I hated the sound of the loud ticking clock in our room, I am sure I tested your patience but you never complained. The Sunday walks down the lane, the warm toast with anchor butter on that you made us after school and the trips out to town to buy us new dresses and to have lunch.

 More recently I would pop round to yours for a cuppa and you would have some lunch ready, salmon sandwiches and a cake. You would always say 'I need some help with my crossword' or the name game in your daily newspaper and I would try and help if I could (although Google sometimes helped too, sorry Nan!). After a goodbye hug the smell of your perfume would linger for days afterwards. 

The times you would step into every new car of Auntieof5's and would exclaim 'Ooh it's so lovely'. Even if she had a car that was ready for the scrap yard you would have said it still.

How Dadof5 would do such silly things that you would say that he always makes you laugh even up until your final few moments when he told you to 'Go and be with Noris' even though your husband's name was Maurice. I bet you are all having a giggle over that now. 

You loved an afternoon tea especially if it came with a glass of prosecco or two. You loved trying lots of cakes and scones although nothing will ever beat a slice of your much loved banana cake you always used to make.

In March this year you welcomed your first great, great granddaughter and you were so happy when you first met her and held her in your arms. Then in August you turned 90 years old and received so many cards from everyone who loved and cared for you, what a wonderful age to reach. 

Even when you were poorly in hospital you joked with the nurse. The nurse was giving you some water and you told her it would go down much better if it was Baileys or a shandy!

We would visit as much as we could over the nine weeks that you were there, sometimes you were sleeping and I would just stroke your hair and other times you were awake and as chatty as you could be.

Great great Nan and great great granddaughter. Their final goodbye.

In those final few days you still never complained. You stayed as strong as you could even though you were growing weak until, on September 16th, you passed away. I had only seen you just half an hour before and I was so cross I hadn't stayed longer to be with you. 


So as we spend today saying goodbye to the greatest Nan anyone could ask for we will raise a glass of Leffe, eat banana cake and I might even do a crossword or two. 

Goodbye Nan........... until we meet again. xxx

Friday, 5 October 2018

Our long awaited bedroom makeover with home furniture and decor from Asda, Wayfair and Dunelm

Our new bedroom*

Home improvements are constant in our house. Home interiors and decor frighten me too and there is always something that needs doing or a job that isn't quite finished. 

Now the children are getting older (although no more helpful!) we are trying to make the house a home and decorate the house how we really would like it. 

Our bedroom was always the last thing on our minds. The children's bedrooms were always decorated first as well as the kitchen, front room etc..... 

Apart from a fresh coat of paint and some new curtains around five years ago our bedroom hasn't been top priority. As it was unloved it became the dumping ground for everything. The children also delight in bringing in books and toys that never left and the husband had a pretty impressive floordrobe! 

So over the past couple of months or so we decided to change all of that and finally make our bedroom one of the nice rooms that we wanted. 

I'm not the best when it comes to home interiors and decor. I see so many homes and interiors on social media that I am so envious of and yet if I tried to do anything it would look like one of those disasters from BBC'S Changing Rooms back in the 90s. 

The start of it all was navy paint. I wanted a navy feature wall and Dulux's Sapphire Salute had been recommended. We managed to pick it up whilst on offer in our local Wickes at buy one get one free for a 2.5 litre tin. 

We decided on white paint for the other three walls and I put the OH to work with a paint brush or two! 

Next on my list was the sleigh bed. This had been on my 'want' list for a very long time. We had a divan base bed which we had for many years and so I shopped around for a style that we liked. We settled on the Bel √Čtage Winchester upholstered sleigh bed frame from Wayfair. It still had two very spacious drawers underneath too which was great. I had also bought a home magazine recently which had a voucher in for 10% off your first order so that came in handy when ordering too. 

Love Cushion, £7, George Home at Asda

Geometric cushion £7, pink velvet cushion £5 and grey knit pom pom cushion £10, all George Home at Asda 

All of the cushions, bedding and throw are from Asda. I love all of the cushions but the knitted pom pom cushion is my favourite. 

We had decided to get rid of the wardrobe and tall boy that we had in a very dark wood which had also seen us through a fair few years of storage duties and we went for white furniture. The hanging items from the wardrobe where rehomed in a built in cupboard space in another room and we bought the Ikea Malm double drawer unit for our room. Between the Malm drawer unit and the spacious under bed drawers there is plenty of space for all of clothing. 

Bedding, cushions and accessories all needed to co-ordinate. Or at least in my 'throw it all together and hope it looks good' eyes it needed to match as much as possible. 

Asda Home have loads of fab products at the moment and all of our bedding, cushions, and accessories on the Malm unit are all from there. I love the grey knitted pom pom cushions and the pink quilted throw on the end of the bed. The geometric bronze lamps will be put on bedside tables once I've decided on some. 

Ikea Malm drawers with all of our accessories. The geometric lamps are for bedside tables which we are yet to purchase. Malm drawers, £80, Ikea.

Small wooden storage, £8, George Home at Asda

Marble and copper effect calendar block, £6, George Home at Asda

Geometric shape table lamp, £, George Home at Asda

Hexagonal hanging mirror, £8, George Home at Asda

All of our accessories are from Asda. They have a great range of products to choose from at the moment. 

The curtains, curtain pole and lampshade came from Dunelm. We are very lucky to have a store in our town so myself and a friend met there for coffee and spent a good couple of hours browsing through the whole store. I settled on the Harris charcoal thermal eyelet curtains, extendable trumpet end curtain pole and the Priya white easy fit pendant lampshade. The same home magazine that gave me discount for Wayfair also had a 15% discount code for Dunelm on purchases over £50 so again we saved money on purchases for our room makeover. 

Priya white easy fit pendant, £25, Dunelm

Harris thermal blackout curtains in charcoal, price varies on size. These were £80 for 90" wide by 54" drop, Dunelm

The gorgeous Dunelm Priya lampshade, Harris thermal curtains in charcoal and trumpet curtain pole. 

The faux plant in the planter was a huge bargain from Sainsbury's. I spotted it in there a few weeks ago but at £24 I was hesitant to buy then when I popped in a few days later it had been reduced to just £7.20. Faux plants are my best friend, I cannot look after real plants! 

Sainsburys faux plant and footed planter. Bargain at £7.20. 

There is a still few more things I would like to add. Maybe a chair in the corner like the Dunelm Isla chair which looks gorgeous and comes in grey, pink and midnight so either colour would fit perfectly with our colour scheme and some prints on the walls but for now I am loving the end result. However it now puts the rest of the house to shame! 

Pass me a paint brush, I'm on a roll. 

*Bel √Čtage Winchester upholstered sleigh bed, £449.99 in king size, Wayfair. Pink quilted pinsonic throw, £15, George Home at Asda.

Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Our Poundland bath and beauty Christmas stocking filler shopping haul

Poundland Christmas bath and beauty shopping haul

Christmas is fast approaching and as a mum of five I have to be prepared. We have so many family gifts to buy I have to start my shopping early. 

I tend to pick up stocking fillers as and when I see something that would be ideal for one of the children. 

Poundland over the past few years have always done a great range of bath and beauty products which are ideal to go in the children's stockings and this year there are more great products on offer. 

I have been looking in my local store for a week or two now as I knew their Christmas range was due on the shop floor at any time. So when I popped in earlier this week and saw that the shelves had been stocked I filled my basket ready to stash away for Christmas. 

First up is this amazing three pack of unicorn shaped bath bombs. Bath bombs are very popular in our house and as well as being stocking fillers these would be great as gifts for when the children have birthday parties to go to. 

Three pack of unicorn bath bombs all for just £1!

Larger bath bombs, lip balms and shaped beauty sponges

There are also the larger snowman, gingerbread man and polar bear bath bombs in coconut, gingerbread and vanilla scents. Also pictured are some scented lip balm and shaped beauty make pop sponges. 

Bath fizzes gift sets

More bath fizzers, the Things love their bath bombs!. A three pack of small bath fizzers making up a gingerbread person and a polar bear, cute little gifts. 

Finally I picked up these white floral musk vanilla bath salts with hanging ribbon. These look lovely and again a great little gift for stocking fillers, or as token gifts for friends and relatives too. In the main picture at the top of the page there are also 2 similar shaped bath bombs on the opposite side of the picture to these. 

I am sure I caught them just as they were putting all of their new products out and there will be more to come over the next couple of weeks. For now I have made a good start with my Christmas shopping. 

So head down to your local Poundland today and grab some fab festive bath and beauty stocking fillers ready for the Christmas season. 

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?