Thursday, 30 August 2018

The launch of the new Microsoft Surface Go in partnership with John Lewis #GoImagine

 The launch of the new Microsoft Surface Go in partnership with John Lewis

Last week we got to go and see the newly launched Microsoft Surface Go in partnership with John Lewis. I took Thing 3 with me as she is very much into her tech and drawing at the moment so it was an ideal opportunity for her to get her hands on the Surface Go and try it out.

When we arrived we walked straight into a room with the product ready to get hands on with and try it out. Straight away we found it easy to use and we were able to draw and create using the Surface Go. Thing 3 was able to use it straight away with ease and was drawing freehand as well as using the 2D/3D images available to create your artwork. 

Trying out the Microsoft Surface Go

I left Thing 3 to get more accustomed with the Surface Go and it's 10" PixelSense display. She used the Microsoft Surface Go pen (available separately) to draw freestyle as well as using the other tools within the application.

We were treated to a wonderful chat with Ben Fogle as well as a representative from Microsoft, John Lewis, Britmums and an outdoor play specialist on creativity in children which was really good and really got me thinking about the uses of technology in home, in the classroom as well as out and about. We are always quick to think that technology can be a bad thing if used for long lengths of time and our children should be outdoors and playing and using their creativity but technology can really help with this too.

Children should be encouraged to be as creative as possible and technology can really help. As well as being used to be artistically creative the Microsoft Surface Go can also be used to help explore nature and broaden children's knowledge on the world around us. You can access the internet which unlocks a whole world of information to use to encourage our children's learning and boost their knowledge on anything they wish to know. Whether they need help with their homework or you are outdoors and need help identifying certain things in nature it's a versatile piece of equipment.

The children were taught how to create a penguin using the 2D/3D shapes and afterwards Thing 3 was able to show me again how it was done. I was amazed at how quickly and easily she had picked up everything and she replicated the same drawing within minutes to show me what she had learnt. 


We then sat together and everyone was given the Surface Go and we were given another tutorial on how to create a mash up animal picture using specific parts of individual pictures of animals to create a while new picture of an animal that we had made using various different parts. You can see our animal below! A mix of a horse, elephant, eagle, bunny and frog. The magic erase function on the Surface Go which pinpoints a specific part of a picture really impressed me and again Thing 3 got to grips with it so quickly.

Thing 3's animal mash up creation. She did a fab job and got to grips with the Surface Go so quickly

The Surface Go pen made things really easy to use and navigate although it was still just as easy to use without. When you want to use the Surface Go to browse the internet or write there is the Microsoft Surface Go Signature Type Keyboard Cover (available separately)  turning your Surface Go into a premium laptop.

We would highly recommend the Surface Go as an easy to use, versatile piece of tech. I know Thing 3 will want one very soon!

You can find out more here at and unleash your creativity with the Surface Go and #GoImagine 

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