Monday, 23 July 2018

Double, triple, quadruple birthday celebrations. Our busy August birthday month and Thing 2 & Thing 5's birthday on the same day!

Double, triple, quadruple birthday celebrations!!

The birthday cake, if you have a Costco card you must buy these cakes. Extremely scrummy and fab value for money. They are huge.

Yes so I didn't plan that one very well did I and so on her ninth birthday our daughter got a baby brother for her birthday! I didn't gift wrap him but he was there ready and waiting for her when she woke up that morning. Not quite what she asked for but certainly something a little different?!

I knew their birthdays were going to be close, my due date with Thing 5 was August 11th although Thing 4 was 2 weeks late so I was hoping there could have been a slight gap. However, Thing 5 decided to make an appearance and completely upstage Thing 2's birthday. She didn't mind, we had a very chilled out day as I had just given birth that morning. We went to the hospital around 11pm, I gave birth at 1.29am and we were home by 5.30am so I was slightly tired. If I remember rightly I sent the OH for Macdonalds for everyone for lunch and we spent the day with visitors for both the birthday girl and new addition of the birthday boy.

She didn't mind that day, she had a new baby brother and enjoyed having cuddles with him whenever she could. Also showing him off to the visitors that had come to visit her on her birthday. However, the past couple of birthdays she has expressed her annoyance a bit more. It's difficult. Last year we went bowling and out for lunch and we all had a good time. Five children makes a small party in itself and they had fun, ending up with visitors coming and going throughout the afternoon/evening to help share the birthday cake.

Thing 5 on various birthdays. 

This year she wanted to go out, she wanted to see friends and ideally didn't want to share her day! We still had a good day and we went out for lunch followed by a birthday tea party at home with various relatives popping in and out with presents and plenty of cake eating went on. However, she really wanted to do something just for herself. As they've got older there are more things we can do together as a family now. Trips to the cinema, a local trampoline park and trips into London have been part of our birthday celebrations in previous years. 

Over the years we've eaten out at Frankie and Benny's and Hard Rock Cafe in London

It's also my brothers birthday on the same day as well as a few friends so it makes for a very busy day. We made it fun and we made it a special day for them both but I know as they get older we will have to have separate parties, outings etc... on different days with their different circles of friends.

Trying out the birthday hair chalks, best £1 ever spent! 

We all have that one month where it seems to be everyones birthday that we know and we walk out of the card shop with a box full of cards rather than a bag! August is our busy month, my Dad, my Nan, my brother, two children, two cousins and lots of friends too.

Which month is your busy month?! Do you have children that share the same birthday?