Saturday, 2 September 2017

Facing back to school week with a hurried new uniform shop and the hope you can get the children back into a good sleep pattern!

Well where did those six weeks summer holidays go? It's full steam ahead to back to school week and September has arrived. It really was a 'blink and you will miss it' summer holidays or so it feels. 

We've had picnics, been on day trips, had lunch out, walked in the woods, visited relatives, celebrated lots of birthdays including Thing 2 and 5's birthday and had too many late nights! 

Our local woods that we like to visit

As I write this all the children are still awake and it's 10.12pm at night so getting into a good sleep pattern is not going well for back to school next week. Late nights for most of the holidays have meant long lazy mornings with no motivation or movement from the children until late morning most days. 

Thing 2 and Thing 3 are sat in the dining room drawing and listening to music. They've also spent this evening trying on their school uniforms and new shoes. Thing 3 will be joining Thing 2 at Senior school so they are gearing up ready for the new school year starting on Wednesday. 

We finally got around to doing the dreaded new school uniform shop yesterday and the OH left the shops feeling slightly traumatised by the whole experience. With 4 children needing varying amounts of new uniform it was an expensive day. First we went to our local uniform supplier for the senior school uniform. Both Thing 2 and 3 needed polo shirts and jumpers with Thing 3 also needing to be kitted out in full PE kit. Thing 4 is starting at a new Junior school but his shopping list of a PE top was easier to handle. 

Thing 5 ready for back to school 

After we had done that shop we then headed to Asda for school trousers, PE shorts and new crisp white polo t shirts for Thing 5. I also picked up a lovely pair of school shoes for Thing 2 in there. After a stressful trip to the changing rooms to try on trousers, one broken finger nail and a few swear words later we were school ready! 

Now I know why the OH added beer to the trolley. I am so glad that school uniform shopping only happens once a year! 

So we have 4 days and counting. We really need to get some early nights or we will be getting to school around lunch time. I need to sort out stationery for Thing 2 and 3 although I am sure they have enough even though they say they haven't. Thing 3 has a whole Smiggle store stashed in her bedroom! 

As much as we have really enjoyed the holidays and survived with hardly any arguments we are very much looking forward to the new school year and new schools to start. 

Are your children starting a new school? Are you school ready? Did you survive the school uniform and shoe shopping?