Sunday, 6 August 2017

A busy family birthday month including 3 birthdays on the same day. Why I am loving lots of birthday family get togethers too.

So it's that time of year again. August is our busy birthday month for family and friends and since Thing 5 started school last September we have recently discovered it's a busy time for school friend birthdays too! 

We are only on August 5th and I have already had my Dads birthday and my sister in laws plus a school friend of Thing 5's whose party he went to today. With friends birthdays heading this way too and 4 birthday parties lined up for Thing 5 throughout August I am losing track of whose birthday is on which date! 

The gorgeous cake we had for my Mum's birthday from Marks and Spencer. The butterflies were edible although I really didn't want to eat them!

The most important date of all in August is of course August 10th. Unfortunately for my brother Thing 2 first gatecrashed his birthday way back in 2003 when she was born. Then in 2012 Thing 5 decided to do the same! So we have 3 family birthdays on the same day. 

This year we are aiming for a quiet day with a family lunch followed by a takeaway tea. We will have a birthday cake for each child and they will each choose what they would like for birthday tea. We try and make it as special for each child as we can but it's difficult when their birthday is on the same day yet one will turn 14 and one will turn 5 so they both want to do completely different things on the day! 

We had birthday lunch for my Dads birthday recently and a few weeks ago we had a lovely afternoon tea in the garden for my Mums 60th birthday. It was a lovely day with gorgeous weather. There was plenty of food (and drink) plus some lovely cakes and we were surrounded by family. I love it when the family gets together for a birthday whether it's a birthday lunch or a meal out. For my Mums birthday tea we all helped out with making sandwiches, buying cakes etc... The children all played in the garden together and we chatted and sat in the garden until late evening time. 

Birthday celebrations have been in full swing for the past month and will continue for the next month with lots more birthday tea and cake!

Family time is always great although I am sure my parents will tell you that maybe nearly every Sunday is a bit much when we pop round for lunch. However I do value our time together and always think there is something wrong if I don't hear from my Mum for 48 hours! 

So party time is in full swing. Thing 5 is counting down the days until his/his sisters/his uncles birthday and has requested lots of different presents, a Mcdonald's and KFC birthday tea, a trip to the play area and a Blaze and the Monster Machines cake. Thing 2 has asked for Krispy Kreme doughnuts as an alternative to a birthday cake which I won't argue with. So bring on more family time, more get-together's and please August some lovely sunny days so we can enjoy celebrations outside!

Now lets see how many birthdays I forget between now and the end of August! 

When is your busy birthday month? Do you have 2 or more birthdays on the same day?

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