Thursday, 6 July 2017

Changing schools and starting school in September. Thing 3 & 4 are on the move as they prepare for a new Junior school and Senior school.

I can't believe we are already in our last half term back at school before the Summer holidays. 

Having received new school placement news back in March/April I am already thinking ahead to September and Thing 3 and 4 have both already had their transition days to their new schools.

Not only is Thing 4 moving up to Junior school but Thing 3 is moving to senior school, I can't get my head around it yet!

Thing 1 had completely lost track of how old his younger sister was the other day and couldn't believe she was going to be 11 and starting senior school. It's nice to know he keeps track of the important things!! 

Both schools are new to Thing 3 and 4 but their older siblings have been to the schools before, however, that doesn't make their transition any easier. Just as Thing 4 starts at the Junior school it will be the one that Thing 3 leaves so he won't have any siblings there. He is leaving such a small close knit school that I worry for him. I know he will probably be fine but it's our job as parents to worry, right?! 

Tomorrow is the transition day for the whole of the area where we live so all of the children will be visiting new schools, new classes and new teachers in readiness for September. Thing 3 had a visit to her new senior school today and all seemed to go well. She had a science lesson which is always good to get the children excited! Thing 4 visits his Junior school tomorrow and it will be the first time he meets new friends and gets split up from some of his friends from his previous school. He does have a few friends going into the same class but it will be a big change for him. 

Thing 3 had just celebrated her 11th birthday and is enjoying her transition days to senior school

How will they cope? How will I cope?! Thing 3 is such a worrier and quite sensitive and even though I know she will have enjoyed her visits to her new school I think she will be in quite a tizzy on her first day. Senior school is so big and the moving around from class to class is a lot to take in. She will also be with friends so I know she will have people there that can help and all she has to do is ask too but we all worry about our children don't we! 

Thing 4 is leaving a lovely school that only had one class for each year group so again even Junior school will be a big change for him. I know they will be fine and I am sure they will settle in quicker than I think they will and it will be like they have always been there but for now and over the 6 weeks holidays I will worry for them about their first day of school in September. 

Thing 4 looking too grown up and ready for Junior school

Our next job is new school uniforms and over the next couple of weeks I will be looking out for uniform stockists and prices to bring you lots of information on where to buy uniform from and how prices vary from stockist to stockist. 

As for my baby, Thing 5, I can't believe we have made it through Reception class already. Where does the time go! 

Bring on the Summer holidays and getting ready for September. That's after we've had sports days, leavers disco, leavers assembly, school trips and class parties all before the end of term!