Thursday, 27 April 2017

Our DIY kitchen makeover. Installing a new kitchen ourselves using the Ikea Bodbyn Grey range. Our progress so far.

Our Ikea kitchen makeover using Bodbyn Grey units

A couple of months ago we decided our kitchen desperately needed a makeover. I was going to go for a lick of paint on the walls and some cupboard paint and a recover of the existing worktops using fablon style patterned coverings. 

However we had to admit that it all just needed pulling out and a new kitchen being put in it's place. We've lived here nearly 11 years and the kitchen was here when we moved in. It was a lovely kitchen and there was no need to change it but over the past few years we've repaired doors, changed cupboard handles, fixed leaks under the sink and replaced built in ovens. 

How could we install a new kitchen on our chosen budget though? Was it possible? 

When others tell you how much they paid for a kitchen you wonder whether you can even manage to afford to change one cupboard! 

After looking around at a few different kitchens we found the Ikea Bodbyn Grey range and we loved it. With the help of the online kitchen design tool we were able to play about with lots of different kitchen unit combinations until we found what would fit perfectly in the space we had. 

Once we had planned our design, which units we were going to have and had a bit of a floor plan change about we went ahead and priced up our Ikea Bodbyn Grey purchase so we could stick within our budget. 

It was difficult to remember to add everything we needed. From units to handles, plinths to side panels. It would be so much easier if we had a company to come in and do it all for us but doing it all DIY style also means we have done all of the hard work ourselves (or at least the hubby has anyway!) and saved some money too.

The Ikea range also has so many different storage ideas and products for the kitchen and once we have fitted ours we will definitely be adding the handy storage solutions that they have instore to complete the kitchen and help keep us tidy and organised. 

So what stage are we at in our kitchen makeover? 

Currently we have built an oven unit and moved the oven from one side of the kitchen to the other. This has made the kitchen look slightly bigger and brighter. We did also pay for someone to come in and plaster the walls and ceiling, something that the hubby just didn't want to do. 


The new oven unit and side units. we also bought the extra bamboo drawer inserts which look really nice. 

However progress has now slowed slightly as I am struggling to admit that the rest of the kitchen just needs to be pulled out and I will have to live without a sink and a hob for a while! 

As you can see the kitchen is in a right state now we are between taking the old kitchen out, the new plastering is done and we are waiting to put the new kitchen in.

We visited Ikea 3 times over the Easter holidays although the children didn't mind as it meant they could go in the Smaland creche every time. We've been buying the kitchen a bit at a time and building and fitting as we go, currently we have boxes of unmade units sat in the dining room. What I found easier was to add it all to my online shopping basket on the Ikea website and then delete items once we had purchased them instore. We are lucky to have an Ikea just down the road and found it easier to buy pieces as and when we needed them rather than have a whole kitchen boxed up and taking up space elsewhere whilst we did all of the work. 

So over the next few weeks we need to gut the kitchen, visit Ikea (again!), build all other new units, buy worktop and fit it all in place like a big kitchen jigsaw! once it's all in place it's then time for the floor and wall tiles. We have chosen large cream high gloss floor tiles for the floor and Wickes metro tiles for the walls. We have also chosen oak worktops. 

Wickes metro tiles for the walls

Oak worktops

At the moment we are on budget although when planning the kitchen I wasn't expecting to pay a plasterer and its also not so easy to avoid all of the little added extras that weren't in your original budget but it makes everything look better. 

I think I may be posting a finished update in around 2 years time!! 

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