Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Easter treats, crafts and goodies. Are you ready for Easter? Lots to choose from Kinder, Smiggle, Poundland, Skylanders, Pokemon and more

I was determined to be Easter ready this year. As with Christmas, birthdays and every occasion throughout the year I will vow to be ready before the day and I never am! 

So over the past couple of months I have been stockpiling lots of Easter goodies, treats and crafts for the Easter period. 

The children finish school in just over a weeks time and so I need to be ready before they are off school. I also need to have lots of things for them to do over the holidays so have been looking out for craft items to keep them busy. 

My first stop was Poundland and I have to say their Easter range is fantastic this year. From crafts to cards, Easter bonnets to baskets and even Easter tableware they have everything covered. 

I bought the easter baskets to put all of the children's Easter treats in, some cute little egg string lights, a bunny light, some decorative eggs, some fluffy bunnies, an Easter ink stamp set, some medals for the Easter egg hunt, decorative Easter ribbon and so much more. 

The Easter tableware selection from Poundland including bunny shaped plates, bunny bunting, carrot napkins and more.

Some Poundland items in this picture including decorative eggs, ribbon, gold medals, craft and Easter baskets. Also pictured are Haribo Easter treats, Pokemon chocolate poke balls from Debenhams, Kinder Maxi eggs and more. 

Cute little colour changing bunny light from Poundland

As well as Easter eggs I was looking for something extra to go in the children's Easter baskets. I found Smiggle egg erasers for Thing 3 who is a huge Smiggle fan. Thing 4 and 5 have got Spring edition Skylanders trap team items and Easter edition Skylanders Imagination figures as well as a Lego chick set. 

Skylanders trap team spring edition figure and Earth trap

Skylanders Imaginators Easter edition figures

Lego 40202 Easter chick set and Poundland fluffy bunnies. 

The Easter egg buying isn't coming along so well. I bought the younger 2 boys a Kinder Maxi egg each, available at CO OP stores. I also bought some lovely Thorntons eggs from our local Asda store for Thing 3 and 5. 

Kinder Maxi eggs including a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle toy in every egg. 

Thorntons Gruffalo egg and cupcake egg. Both from Asda. 

Chocolate poke balls to include in an Easter egg hunt. The Things are huge Pokemon fans so they will love these. 

I love these Easter egg string lights from Poundland. Battery operated and super cute. 

So I am kind of Easter ready. We have tableware for Easter tea, crafts to make and do, decorations to put up and a few eggs and sweets. We just need a few more eggs and we are set for a fab Easter time. 

Are you ready for Easter? What Easter treats have you seen in the shops recently?

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Explore the outdoors this spring with new arrivals from Little Tikes including the Princess horse and carriage. Plus up to 20% off playhouses and sand and water tables.

Little Tikes have recently released a few new products into their Spring collection including the very popular Princess horse and Carriage ride on. 

Princess horse and carriage for ages 1-5 years approx. (RRP £109.99)

As the weather slowly changes and the children can go outdoors for longer to play it's time to look at outdoor toys. 

Thing 5 absolutely loves his Spinning Seas water table from Little Tikes and they have a lovely range on offer on their website. From water tables to sand and water tables there is something for everyone. Some also come with their own parasol too. 

The Spinning Seas water table (RRP £49.99) and the Builders Bay sand and water table (RRP £129.99)

Also new for the Spring season is the Go Green playhouse. With key features including;

 Solar panels power interior LED lights. 
 Working pump sink is fed by rain barrel. 
 Recycling centre with dual removable bins. 
 Planting box and water reservoir. 
 Roof garden planter. 
 Eight accessories. 
 Printed packaging with patterns to re-purpose as a birdhouse and recycling in. 
 Booklet for kids explaining all the eco-friendly features.

With an RRP of £249.99 this looks great and will entertain the children for ages. 

Go Green Playhouse

Finally for those warm sunnier days is the Wet and Dry first slide (RRP £49.99). The slide can be used with or without water and comes with a 10 foot vinyl mat for water play. 

Wet and Dry first slide

As the weather warms up and we can enjoy outdoors even more than usual these products would be fab for outdoor play in the spring time and all throughout the year.