Thursday, 26 May 2016

My dream Dubai holiday and the activities we would do there with Tots100 and Dubai Dreams

A dream holiday to Dubai feeling the sand on my feet,
The sun in the sky warming our face with its heat,
Lots of things to see and do in Dubai,
Here's what we would love to do and why.

The Wild Wadi water park looks splashtastic,
The fun and excitement would be fantastic,
Water slides, Rapids and so much more,
This would be a great place for us to explore.

The Burj al Arab towering high into the sky,
The building looks so pleasing to the eye,
A family dinner and an amazing view,
This is certainly on my list to do.

The Dubai Mall featuring the fountain and shopping,
With my purse strings loosened the tills will be popping,
With entertainment and dining too,
I could spend a day here, or two!

The Dubai museum to learn some history,
And find out about Dubai how it used to be,
Archaeology, artefacts and the gallery,
There will be lots to learn and lots to see.

The Dubai mall aquarium with all of the fishes,
Would be on my children's list of Dubai wishes,
Underwater tunnels full of sea creatures,
An amazing experience with lots of features.

A camel ride and dinner in the desert sand,
Or a moonlight stroll walking hand in hand,
Memories made on this far distant shore,
These are a few things our family would do and more!

This is my entry into the Tots100/Dubai dreams blogger challenge

What would you do if you visited Dubai??

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