Friday, 26 February 2016

Our Lush haul in pictures. Our visit to Lush, Thing 5 chooses his pick of the best Easter bath bombs on offer plus other bath bombs he wanted too.

Our Lush haul, some Easter treats at Lush too. 

Since buying some fab Lush gift sets for my two older girls at Christmas and then buying a couple of Lush sale items we have been hooked on Lush bath bombs ever since.

Thing 5, aged 3 has been so hooked that our supplies quickly depleted and he started looking at the Lush website at all the different bath bombs we could buy. He loved that on each page that showed the different bath bombs there was a small video that played at the top showing the bath bomb in some water bubbling away so you could see what it was like. 

He kept asking to go the 'bath bomb shop' as he called it so last weekend I took him and Thing 4 to our nearest Lush store. 

Upon arrival Thing 5 took control of the shopping basket. Walking around the shop he was amazed at all of the bath bombs there were on offer, as well as lots of other lovely products. 

He was on a mission for a couple of items in particular. The Experimenter bath bomb and the Ickle Baby Bot bath bombs. He saw the Experimenter straight away and got really excited and we added one to the basket. 

The Experimenter bath bomb. This was used the night after our shopping trip. It is full of colour and fizz and is one of the best Lush bath bombs for a visual display of colour in your bath. 

As we walked along the row of bath bombs and bubble bars we saw quite a few lovely Easter offerings from Lush. One was the Humpty Dumpty bath bomb as well as fluffy egg, golden egg and Which Came First?. Thing 4 chose the Humpty Dumpty bath bomb and Thing 4 picked up a fluffy egg and a golden egg bath bomb melt. 

Easter treats include the Humpty Dumpty and Fluffy Egg bath bombs

Also the golden egg bath bomb melt

Intergalactic and Frozen bath bombs

Other goodies we picked up were the cute little ladybird bubble bar, 4 Ickle Baby Bot bath bombs, a Frozen bath bomb and an Intergalactic. 

The very cute Ladybird bubble bar, I don't think I can use her she's too cute! 

We could have bought so much more and could have kept our stockpile at home going strong for a while however it was lovely to go to the shop and choose all of the different things we wanted and there are always new products coming out too.

Ickle Baby Bot bath bombs 

Thing 5 is desperate for some Spring Bunny bath bombs but they only appear in the Bouncing Bunny gift set at the moment and in the Oxford Street store. Fingers crossed for an appearance from them soon online or in our local store, or I could send Thing 5 to London for some, I am sure he won't mind?! 

If you are looking for something different for Mothers Day or Easter do go and check out the Lush range online or in store. As well as the individual items that they stock they have a lovely range of gift sets available too. 

There are some fab gift sets for Mothers Day and Easter. We love the Easter bath bombs that are in store and online at the moment. 

Thing 5 with his Lush haul

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  1. looks like you guys had fun at the store, I love lush
    xo , Michelle