Thursday, 14 January 2016

Legoland Windsor, a fun family day out for all ages. Question & Answer session with the Staying Sane children too.

Having five children and planning a day out to involve everybody is often a daunting task. Legoland Windsor resort is one of the few places that we can all go to together and all be involved and entertained throughout the day.

Legoland Windsor is our local theme park and one that our children like the best. Our older children aren't keen on super fast roller coaster thrill rides so are happy to go on the smaller less daunting rides at Legoland. The younger ones also have more choice of rides to go on as there is a lot in the park geared towards the younger age groups too making it possible for us all to go on various rides without someone sitting out due to height limits, age restrictions etc...

Our first visits to Legoland were as a family of 3. Just one child to take around the park. Now with five children it really is a full on family experience and we all really enjoy the day and can make the most out of our time there due to our short travel times to get there and home again.

We don't have enough family days where we all go out together so to find somewhere where we can all have a lovely day, enjoy the rides, the shows, fabulous food outlets and obviously the Lego shop at the end is very much appreciated. Legoland Windsor for us also doesn't need to be a full day, we can leave at lunchtime and still have a full afternoon and early evening to go around the park whatever the weather.

We are a family of Lego addicts so our first stop is always to look around the Lego models. Looking at the detail that has gone into the build process and the attention that they've paid to making each replica building as true to life as possible. The Star Wars exhibit also caused much excitement from Thing 4 aged 6 and Thing 1 aged 18 as well as Dad and they are excited to see the new Death Star addition will be arriving in March 2016.

Lego Star Wars exhibit

Thing 5 aged 3 has yet to experience a trip to Legoland but all of the other children have been before and I asked them all what their favourite rides were. Here's their answers;

Thing 4 (aged 6); I like the Vikings River Splash and the Jolly Rocker. I like to spin around and watch everyone getting wet on the river. The longboat ride is like a huge swing that everyone can sit in together and enjoy, but it goes much higher than my Dad can push me when I'm on the swings at the park!

Thing 3 (aged 9); I love to go and catch one of the many timed showings of the Pirates of Skeleton Bay stunt show. It's so exciting to watch the story and the people that jump into the water are very good. It's such a great show and we all love to sit and watch before heading back to some more rides. I also like the Lego City driving school. I like to get my driving license by showing that I've listened to the instructions and doing my best whilst still having fun. It's good that there is also L-Drivers for the younger ones too so we can all have a go and we can all get our driving license too.

Thing 2 (aged 12); The Pirate Falls treasure quest is the best. We took the younger ones on for the first time and the photo we got at the end shows Thing 4 wasn't keen on the big slide and splash at the end! It's good because we can all go on this ride and one adult can take up to four children in one go so ideal for larger families like ours. Mummy isn't keen on this ride but everyone else can enjoy the ride together whilst Mummy laughs because we are all wet at the end!

Thing 1 (aged 18); I've been visiting Legoland since I was 5 years old. All of the rides are great. Easily accessible for most of the family on most rides. I enjoy seeing my younger siblings enjoy all of the rides I did as I visited Legoland over the years and also like to take them on the rides and still enjoy them myself. There's no age limit on who can or can't enjoy Legoland, it's for all of the family whether you are young or old, we can all enjoy a nice day out together which doesn't happen often enough. If I had to choose I would agree with Thing 4 and choose the Vikings River Splash and also Thing 2's choice of the Pirate Falls treasure quest.

As well as all of the rides there are various shows running through the day as well as Drench Towers and Splash Safari both excellent water play areas where the children can cool down on a warm day and have fun without he constraints of a queue which can sometimes get a bit much. It brings a welcome break into the day and the children can run around for a while having fun, just don't forget your swimming costumes!

All of the children are very keen to go back again and again. Knowing they will enjoy their day and will be able to go on most of the rides together and all be included. Thing 5 is yet to experience Legoland Windsor but I'm certain that he will thoroughly enjoy it  as do the other children. There is enough to do at the park to fill a day including some time in the water parks and as we are lucky enough to live nearby we can spend a full day there and not have too much of a journey either side.

A final stop at the Lego shop before we depart is always a must too. With our ever expanding collection of Lego at home there is always room for more sets or assorted sets to keep our creativity flowing and our desperate attempts to recreate the buildings and models we've seen at Legoland Windsor.

A quick stop at the Lego shop

Disclaimer; All thoughts and comments are our own and this is our entry into the Legoland Blogger Ambassador search for 2016.

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