Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Stash shots of christmas presents asking 'Have I bought enough'? It's not a competition, the children really will forget most of what they got for Christmas by New Year. If you really don't think you've bought enough why not buy for someone less fortunate than yourselves like Wave 105 radio's Mission Christmas appeal.

I'm by no means being a Bah Humbug here. I am very much in the Christmas spirit. I put the decorations up over the weekend and we are awaiting the arrival of our Christmas tree. However, increasingly over the past few weeks I have seen lots of 'stash shot' pictures on social media asking the question 'Have I bought enough'?

Last time I checked it wasn't up to my friends/family or social media to determine whether I had bought enough for my children. Whatever they open on Christmas Day whether it be 1 or 100 presents will be up to me, and my budget, to decide. 

Budget plays a huge role in present buying. If you were to put a 'stash shot' up and ask if you had bought enough and the replies were No would you then go and spend your last pennies making sure they had enough just because others told you to. Putting yourself maybe into financial hardship going into the New Year just to keep up with others. Surely your children will appreciate the gifts that you have bought them regardless of size or amount?

Every persons budget is different. Mrs A might have bought her child a battery operated car for Christmas plus hundreds of other toys, if her budget works and that's what she wants to do then fine. Mrs B may have bought just a few small gifts for her child, which mean as much to her child as the hundreds of toys do to Mrs A's child, and Mrs A's child actually preferred playing for hours with the huge cardboard box that the car arrived in! 

Christmas isn't all about the presents. It's not about keeping up with each other on how many presents, or how much we have spent on each child. Every household is different, even every child is different. We can't spend the same on Thing 5 as we do on the older ones, things get more expensive as they get older and if we tried spending the same Thing 5 would be opening presents for days and he really wouldn't need that amount of money spent and presents bought anyway.

If you do still have a few spare pennies and want to buy more presents why not consider giving a gift to those less fortunate? I recently saw a gift tree in a local shopping centre where you take a tag off of the tree which has a gift written on it that a child has chosen. You go and buy the gift and take it back to the Customer Service desk where they will make sure it gets to that child. I have always thought this a lovely idea ever since I watched the festive film Paper Angels. If they aren't doing this in your local shopping centre enquire at your local church or food bank if they know of any similar schemes that are taking place. 


Paper Angels movie

In the South, Wave 105 radio have their Mission Christmas appeal running. They are asking you to buy an extra present this year that they will give to a disadvantaged local child to make their Christmas morning special. They are looking for new and unwrapped gifts suitable for children and young people aged 0-18 years, and you can donate at any of their drop off points across the region. If you want to you can also donate money instead, that would really help them too. You can donate online or over the phone. See the Wave 105 website for details or find a similar appeal running in your area if you can. 

How about a food hamper for a neighbour or relative that you know is on their own this Christmas? When I was at school we did this around Harvest Festival time and we had a list of elderly people to deliver to, they were always extremely grateful of the food parcels and I loved cheering them up and seeing their faces when they received them. 

If you know that what you have bought for your child, in your eyes, is enough there is no need to ask others for approval. Don't break the bank trying to keep up if the gifts you have bought are sufficient and if you can spare a little more for others please do so this Christmas. A Random Act of Kindness goes a long way, especially at this time of year. 

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  1. Stash shots already? Really?! Ugh. I must admit I have done a stash shot in the past. That was on Christmas Day though and there 18 of us so the lounge was pretty much full of presents, it was more of a "Where are we going to sit" rather than "Look how much we've got". This is such a nice idea though. We will do what we did last year and take a few "luxury items" to the local food bank as well as some regular donations..