Monday, 23 November 2015

Our Christmas Gift guide for the toddlers. What Thing 5, aged 3, would like for Christmas including Leapfrog, VTech, Swimfin, Orchard Toys, Paw Patrol and more.

I've always found the younger children very easy to buy for at Christmas. Whether it's lots of smaller presents or one big present with a few smaller gifts there is so much choice for the toddlers.

Thing 5 has got lots of smaller presents this year. Here are just a few ideas of what to buy for the toddlers this Christmas.

 Leapfrog Number Loving Oven. Move the number slider to explore numbers, time and temperature, count along with the blinking light and more. Over 30 phrases and songs warm up counting, sharing and fraction skills. Teaches Counting, Parts of a Whole, and Sharing.

Leapfrog mobile medical kit, various online prices at the moment carrying from £12-£20, large bear from Masha and the Bear £20 and VTech toot toot drivers racing ramp way approx. £15.

 Leapfrog mobile medical kit. Roll the ambulance or press siren to learn about health & hygiene. Learn about body parts through sing-along songs. Teaches pretend play, health, hygiene & the human body

Being a fan of Paw Patrol I bought him the large Marshall on a Roll vehicle and pup set. This pup and vehicle combination is loaded with transforming action. With his extending fire ladder and real working wheels, Marshall can race to the rescue. Get fired up with Marshall as you listen to real sound effects and phrases. Learn all about adventure, bravery and teamwork as you rush to the ruff-ruff rescue.

Next up is the Masha and the Bear cuddly bear, playhouse set and Masha doll. The younger ones love to watch Masha  and the bit on TV. Masha is a mischievous little girl and is friends with bear. They get up to all sorts of mischief and the children love it. The playset is of inside bears house and comes with a small Masha and bear figures. 

Masha and the Bear playset and doll both £15 each, large Paw Patrol vehicle £20

I decided to buy him a set of Orchard Toys games. These games are always fab and there is such a choice of different games to choose from. I got a set of four in a pack and then I also bought the shopping list game and then the Christmas Surprises game. These will be great as all of the other children will love to play them with him too so it will get them all together playing and learning.

Hot Wheels race track approx. £15, Leapfrog Number loving Oven approx. £20, Orchard Toys games compendium approx. £25 and the Orchard Toys Christmas List game was £7.99, ideal for a Christmas Eve game before bed. 

Hot Wheels is a big favourite in our house, we currently have a huge box full of the cars which are regularly tipped out and played with on the big road mat we have but I thought a small racing playset might be good to add a bit of fun into play. You can race 2 cars on the Hot Wheels track and I think Thing 5 will love this and will be able to use all of his different cars on the track too.

Swimfin is a great Christmas present which is also very practical too. My children absolutely love their Swimfin, whether in the water or on land! A bouyancy aid for swimming that looks like a shark fin. These are fab, my younger two can't swim at the moment and aren't very confident in the water but Swimfin has really boosted their confidence. It has also enabled them to submerge themselves more in the water and be less clingy to us parents making them more confident in the water whilst still having us nearby. SwimFin comes in one size only.

SwimFin has been tried and tested and is proven to work for all ages, sizes and abilities. However, on the packaging there is a chart saying SwimFin is suitable for children 15-30 kgs and gives an approximate age range of 3 – 6 years. This is a legal requirement for all buoyancy aids that have undergone safety testing and is for guidance only. So, what happens if you have a child who is 5 years old but weighs 33kg? Is SwimFin suitable or isn’t it? All we can say is that we have testimonials from people around the world telling us that it works for children of all ages. This should give any parent or teacher peace of mind. However, as stated on the underside of each SwimFin, it must be used under constant, capable supervision.

My 2 land sharks trying out their Swinfins before heading out into the water! 

Swimfin is £21.99 and comes in 8 different colours. 

VTech toot toot drivers racing ramp way is fab as Thing 5 also has a VTech toot toot advent calendar so he will be able to combine all of the pieces into one playset. He is very much into his cars so I thought this was a good little starter set and a racing set which will be fun and he will be able to play with his siblings too. The cars have lights/sounds too. 

What has your toddler got on their Christmas list? Is your shopping well under way or do you still have lots more to do? I hope there are some suggestions here that can help if you are struggling to find the right gift. 

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