Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Choosing your real Christmas tree and how to decorate it. What type of tree? What colour scheme? It's time to decide before our delivery from Pines and Needles arrives on December 1st! Either visit one of their many locations or have your Christmas tree delivered to your door.

The festive season is creeping up far too fast and our impending Christmas tree arrival from Pines and Needles is just 12 sleeps away. The children are counting down the days until we can put the tree up and decorate.

In years gone by we have visited a local garden centre and picked our tree. Endless hours stood outside whilst my husband holds up tree after tree to see if it's the right height or shape. Do we go Nordmann Fir or Norway Spruce?. When you are stood in a big open space the tree never looks as big as it does when you get it home and place it in its chosen spot but the bigger the tree the better is what we always say! Even if it means having to rearrange the furniture!

So whilst we await the arrival of our tree from Pines and Needles I wanted to tell you about the fantastic choices you have from them. You can either visit one of the many sites they have across the London area and choose the perfect tree or you can have a tree (up to 9ft) delivered to your home by easily ordering online. As well as real trees you can also order garlands, wreaths, stands, lights and decorations from them too. They offer Nordmann Fir or Norway Spruce trees in up to 9ft, up to 12ft or even bigger over 12ft trees for indoor and outdoor use. So they have plenty to choose from in both types and size too. 

Prices start from £31.95 for a 3ft Norway Spruce up to £132.95 for a 12ft and £35.95 for a 3ft Nordmann Fir up to £178.95 for a 12ft. 

The Norway Spruce is the more traditional Victorian Christmas tree which has a lovely fresh scent and elegant fine foliage although it does drop its needles more than a Nordmann Fir so it is recommended not to buy for indoor use until nearer Christmas. The Nordmann Fir benefits from being able to retain its needles in an indoor environment for longer and usually lasts around 4 weeks in good condition.

Every year, the Specialist Team at Pines and Needles supply and install hundreds of display trees for Councils, special events, shopping centres, football clubs, churches, hospitals, hotels, embassies and other prominent locations.

Previous clients include:

  • Earl's Court Exhibition
  • Cutty Sark
  • Ideal Home Show, London
  • Ideal home Show, Manchester
  • Hampton Court
  • Hyde Park
  • Kew Gardens
  • London Zoo
  • Natural History Museum
  • New Scotland Yard
  • O2 Arena
  • Westminster Abbey
You can order everything from one place with Pines and Needles and have it delivered direct to your door for the perfect Christmas tree shopping experience. I know some will prefer to visit one of their sites and choose their own tree to take home but with Christmas sometimes getting slightly too hectic the delivery option is fab and convenient too. 

How will you decorate your tree though? Previously I have let the children help decorate the tree. We made it a family tradition to all gather around and pass the decorations out of the boxes and hang them together on the newly placed tree. However, my tree has never looked as nice as I would like it to thanks to my slightly over enthusiastic helpers! Colour schemes went out of the window, branches were overloaded with more than one decoration and the youngest spent most of December undecorating the tree too.

This year I have decided to buy lots of new colour coordinated decorations and try my best to make it look fabulous. Apologies in advance to my mini helpers but I'm decorating the tree myself this year.

What colour schemes do you go for? Do you go for a traditional theme or more modern? Do you put tinsel on your tree? Coloured lights or plain? All these decisions are actually hard to make when you usually don't consider them when decorating the tree so I have been looking for inspiration.

Pines and Needles do also offer a full professional decorating service for homes and offices if you wanted everything down for you. Options can be discussed with them in full and they can even come and take the tree away after Christmas too.

In the two pictures featured are a lovely selection of Christmas tree pictures from friends and the wonderful ways that they decorate each year. Whether you go red and gold, or silver and teal, or just stick with one colour throughout all of the decorations I think you will agree that they all look magnificent and really give some good ideas of colour and styles. 

We are all so excited for December 1st as its always lovely to have the tree in place and decorated, the smell is always lovely and excitement fills the air as it means Christmas is coming very soon. Stay tuned for an update on our Christmas tree and it's decoration once it arrives from Pines and Needles. Head over to their website too if you want to order your tree easily and conveniently online and have it delivered to your door as well as lots of decorations and lights to choose from too.

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