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Our Christmas guide to Advent calendars for all of the family including Honeywell Bakes advent biscuit gift tin, Lego star Wars, Play Doh, Yankee Candle house, Lindt gold bear and friends advent house, VTech toot toot drivers and Smiggle stationery advent calendars.

As we stampede fast towards November I'm already thinking about buying the Advent calendars for the whole family ready for the 1st of December. I love Christmas time and whilst the presents are already piling up that I've bought in preparation there's always other things that need organising too.

Back in the day (without making myself sound really old!) we just had chocolate advent calendars. The excitement of waking up every morning in December and being allowed to have a chocolate after breakfast was amazing as a child! There are still lots of chocolate advent calendars to be found in the shops including the Lindt Gold Bear and friends advent house. With a scrumptious Lindt surprise behind each door including the gold bear and reindeer mini chocolates plus Lindor mini milk truffles with a smooth melting filling, Lindt swiss milk chocolate mini napolitains and Lindt milk chocolate snowdrops with a creamy double milk filling. There is also a large gold bear behind the final door. Lindt chocolate is a firm favourite in our house and the detail in this calendar is fab. Each chocolate is individually wrapped too. My children love seeing the Lindt gold bear and reindeer behind the doors whereas all of the chocolate was lovely and the OH loves the truffle filled chocolates. Priced at £12.

Lindt gold bear and friends advent house calendar

Moving on from the chocolate advent calendar comes the Yankee candle advent calendar. My parents first bought this for me a few years ago. I didn't even know they existed until that moment and wow. You get a scented tea light behind each door and then a votive candle behind the last door. Comprising of five different festive scents inc. Candy Cane Lane (which is my favourite at the moment), Winter Glow, Snowflake Cookie, Icicles, Bundle Up and Spiced Orange. This is a lovely advent calendar to have. It's nice to get a scented tea light each day that you can light and have burning releasing festive scents floating around the house. The scents are randomly placed too so it's nice to get a different scent each day. Priced at approx. £30.

Yankee Candle advent house calendar

Side of house with tea light scent details

One of my favourites this year is this wonderful advent biscuit gift tin of 24 gloriously iced vanilla biscuits from Honeywell Bakes. Each biscuit is shaped in a lovely festive design and in lovely seasonal colours. From reindeers to penguins and snowflake shapes to candy canes. The last biscuit is a large bauble with your name on it. These biscuits are delicious. I love the idea of having a scrumptious biscuit to eat each day with my cup of tea (or hot chocolate!). It's different from the usual chocolate calendars yet still something lovely and edible. These are proving to be very popular and I would very highly recommend them to everyone. Displayed in a gorgeously decorated tin to keep them fresh they look too good to eat but definitely taste wonderful when you do eat them. For the purposes of review I am slowly making my way through these gorgeous biscuits, I may have just eaten too many for one evening. They are divine.  Lovely and soft biscuits with soft icing too and very tasty. The biscuits will last for up to 2 months from purchase date if stored in an airtight container and full ingredients and allergen information is available on their website and order page here at; Honeywell Bakes advent biscuit gift tin Priced at £27 for the biscuit gift tin and definitely worth every penny. 

The gorgeous Honeywell Bakes advent biscuit gift tin and gorgeously decorated biscuits. 

Next is the advent calendars for the children. 

First of all we have the Lego Star Wars advent calendar. Thing 4 had this last year and loved it. He is very much into Lego at the moment so it seemed the ideal one to buy. Behind each door is a small model to make and there are a few minifigures to be found too. The front panel of the advent folds down as a place to stand all of your models that you have made. Instructions to make each model are on the inside of each door. This year we have an exclusive Darth Vader mini figure in the calendar as well as C3P0 and R2D2. RRP £25

Lego Star Wars advent calendar with limited edition minifigures and fold down Christmas scene to display each days Lego model or figure.

Next up is the Smiggle stationery advent calendar. Thing 2 and 3 desperately wanted these calendars. They are both obsessed with stationery and with the Smiggle shop every time we walk past! Behind each door is a stationery item so either a rubber, sharpener, pen etc... It's a very decent sized calendar and Smiggle state that the contents are worth £40 so with an RRP it's worth a buy and is full of useful items that the children will love. In the few doors I opened there was a scented lollipop shaped highlighter, a small star shaped slinky, a puzzle toy and a rainbow pencil. RRP £25

The Smiggle advent calendar and some of the goodies you can expect to receive from behind the doors each day.

For the younger ones there is the Play Doh advent calendar with 5 tubs of Play Doh including 2 sparkle ones and cutters/shapes/rollers behind each door. Ideal to build an activity tub up over the days and provides scope for play over the festive period. RRP £20

The Play Doh advent calendar

Why not try the Vtech Toot Toot Drivers advent calendar. The toot toot drivers are very popular toys with the younger children at the moment so this was ideal to grow their collection. Including a sleigh with music and lights, detachable trailer, Christmas decorations, a book, storage bag and more. This is a fab calendar and I know Thing 5 will love it. RRP £25

The VTech toot toot drivers advent calendar including musical sleigh, lots of accessories and even a bag to keep it all together. Thing 5 will love this one. 

As well as all of the advent calendars featured here there are hundreds more including alcohol ones, tea advents, jelly sweet tubes, cosmetics, advents for the pets and so much more.

My favourite for myself this year is definitely the Honeywell Bakes advent biscuit gift tin. Go and check their website out for the advent tin as well as other festive goodies plus lots of biscuit gift ideas for other occasions too. 

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