Monday, 27 July 2015

Our decision to postpone our Disney World Florida holiday. Travelling with young children and our alternative holiday plans with a long term plan to head to Florida when the children are older.

This decision wasn't taken lightly about postponing our holiday to Florida. It's been in the pipeline for a couple of years now yet I could never get my head around travelling with 5 children for 10 hours on a plane. Getting there and having hubby driving on the wrong side of the road and the wrong side of the car with the same children that drive him insane taking a 5 minute journey in this country. Queuing with the same children who couldn't cope with the queues at Paultons Park last Summer. The 2 younger children would be limited on what rides they could and couldn't go on and I would be stood with them waiting for the older ones as they went on the faster rides. 

 The stress of the whole holiday experience was really getting to me which didn't bode well for the holiday itself. The stress was also getting to Dadof5StayingSane who was busy working to get money together for everything we needed. So the decision was made to postpone until Thing 5 turns 5. This is only 2 years away but opens up our options and massively reduces the stresses of taking young children on a holiday of a lifetime. 

It gives us more time to prepare ourselves. The furthest we have taken them on holiday is a 2 hour drive down the road. The older ones have been on a plane once before but with grandparents, all went fine but it's a big difference being on a plane for 10 hours! Leaving it longer also means we won't have a toddler in a pushchair to take with us, at the moment if he's out of the pushchair he still likes to run around freely and a busy theme park isn't somewhere I would like to lose him! 

Yes, I am seeing a lot of negatives but was also looking at the holiday at how it would be, and for a holiday of a lifetime it would be a huge outlay of money to spend when it wouldn't be enjoyed 100%. 

So for now we have decided to take them all to Disneyland Paris so they still get their Mickey Mouse fix. The younger ones will love to meet all of the characters and they will all look forward to experience the Disney Magic but with less of a journey and outlay of funds. We have done Disneyland Paris once before in March 2011 and the children loved it. Thing 5 just wants to go to Disney! 

Our previous trip to Disneyland Paris. Thing 4 was still very young and Thing 5 is yet to visit.

Whilst a lot of people have agreed with our decision and completely understand the reasons for us postponing there have been a few that haven't completely understood. This will be a one and only trip to Florida due to costs. Why do it now and not fully enjoy it if we can leave it a couple of years and open up more opportunities whilst we are there because the children will all be older. It's our decision and us that has to deal with it all, I don't care what those few think and stick with our decision to do what is right for us.

The children are happy with the decision and fully understand our reasons so we don't care what others think. We are happier, less stressed and have time to get our heads around the trip, will hopefully enjoy it a lot more too and be able to do more.

Disney World Florida, we will meet one day. It also gives you time to prepare for the arrival of the Mum of Five Staying Sane children!!!!! :-D 

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