Sunday, 14 June 2015

The Bugaboo Runner launch event at Kensington Roof Gardens. Introducing the Bugaboo Runner jogger stroller. A complete three wheeler jogger pushchair or an added extra for your existing Bugaboo seat unit. #RunFree

The Bugaboo Runner can be bought as a complete pushchair or just the chassis and adaptors to fit your existing Bugaboo seat unit.

Last week we attended the launch event for the Bugaboo Runner. I was so excited to go and see the Bugaboo Runner and give it a good test drive with Thing 5 on board. I have just got back into jogging around the local woods and the Bugaboo Runner has caught my eye as it seems perfect for our needs.

The Bugaboo Runner can be both rearward or forward facing with a choice of seat positions too.

Last year I bought another three wheeler pushchair. Without looking too much into it I assumed that all three wheeler pushchairs were ideal for jogging/running. So when my purchase arrived I was surprised to see on the side of the box that it wasn't suitable as a jogger/runner pushchair. After that I looked into lots of different makes of three wheeler pushchair and was surprised to see how many others said the same thing.

So I was delighted at the beginning of this year when the Bugaboo announcement came about the Bugaboo Runner. Available as a complete pushchair package or you can buy the chassis as an accessory if you already have a Bugaboo pushchair as the chassis will fit an existing Bugaboo seat unit. Just click on your Cameleon3, Bee (2010 model onwards), Donkey or Buffalo seat unit and away you go.

With the new and improved 5 point release harness.

With large 16" back wheels and a 14" fixed front wheel with tracking control for optimal stability and they are also air filled with built-in suspension for a smooth push and comfortable ride.

The large 15" rear wheels and 14 " fixed front wheel

Suitable for use from 9 months for jogging with your child the Bugaboo Runner is ideal to fit into your lifestyle. Whether you choose to have your child rearward or forward facing with a choice of seat positions with a one hand recline.

With a one touch foot brake the same as the Bugaboo Bee foot brake and also a speed control brake than runs along the entire handle bar allowing you to adjust your speed with either hand.

The speed control hand brake and height adjustable handle bar.

With a spacious and easily accessible basket for all of your essentials, height adjustable handle bar, large coverage hood, raincover, mudguards and a compact fold, the Bugaboo Runner is everything you need for an active lifestyle.

Large, spacious easy access basket.

It costs £583 for the full pushchair package or £349 for the Bugaboo Runner chassis (with adaptors to attach you existing Bugaboo seat unit to the chassis). 

Please check back with us in a couple of weeks when we will be putting a Bugaboo Runner though its paces, allowing us to #RunFree, full details will be available after we have given it a good test drive. 

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