Thursday, 30 April 2015

Why my Summer born child will be starting school in September 2016. A child born in August, the baby of the school bunch turning four years old just 3 weeks before the school term starts.

How do I know that in 16 months my youngest will be ready for school? How do I know that my August born baby, turning 4 just three weeks before the start of school will be ready to head into the big wide world and become a school child.

Let's look at the evidence. Every waking hour of my day he's asking to go to preschool. He asks for his preschool top before bed, and when he wakes up in the morning. When I pick him up from preschool he wants to go back. His best friend is at preschool.

Preschool, preschool, preschool, preschool. That's all I hear about. If he could go more often he would. Roll on September when he will experience a couple of full days at preschool, lunch times and the tiredness that goes with a full day.

When we drop Thing 4 off into Reception class he wants to stay. He queues in the line to choose what to have for lunch and the teacher amuses him by asking what he would like! He goes off to play with some toys in the class and I have to tell him its time to leave.

So, that's not to say things might change in the next 15 months but I highly doubt it. My last baby is growing up and by the time the children start back this September I will be applying for his Reception class place for September 2016. My last baby is growing up and flying the nest. I will be redundant, no longer needed by a small person during the day.

I completely understand when people say their child isn't ready for school. Every parent knows their child best. Also when that child is a Summer born baby and, like Thing 5, only turns 4 in the August leading up to the start of school it can seem like a big change for them. However, I do see the rising 5's struggling too whilst I see the just 4's taking it all in their stride. Every child is different. Every child has had a different experience of preschools, nurseries, childcare etc... before they start Reception class and I do think this factors in to how they handle the start of school too.

For now, I know he is ready. The same as Thing 2 was ready and starting school didn't phase her, another August baby. (August 10th is a good day for a birthday!)

I completely understand the request of some parents of letting Summer born children start later in school. When they start and they have just turned 4 yet there are children in the same class turning 5 just weeks into the start of Reception class it seems such a big age gap when they are that young. So for parents who feel their children aren't ready I do think that there should be the option to start them later if need be.

Do you have a Summer born child? Were they ready for school? Would you rather they had started later or did they have no problems starting school? 

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  1. My youngest girls birthday is the 29th of August. I didn't think she was ready to start school but I didn't really have a choice.....She really struggled those first few years at school but now she is doing great and is keeping up with kids who are basically a year older than her....If I had it to do all over again I would push for her to be kept back a year.....It seems so unfair that I had to have an elective c-section...I had had pushed to wait a couple of days she would have been in a whole different year group.