Thursday, 12 March 2015

Ignoring the no holiday in term time rules and packing off two children for some much needed time away. Do you agree with the rules regarding holidays during term time?

Next week I wave off Thing 2 and 3 as they embark on a 6 day adventure with their Nanny and Pappy. This time away was only planned recently and couldn't have come at a better time for them both.

Both girls are in desperate need of time away from the family home. I don't want to have to admit that my children don't get on, but they really don't.  Factor in Thing 1 and his constant need for our time and attention and at the moment we have a very unhappy household.  Thing 1 doesn't seem to know how to interact with anybody, he is easily wound up and frustrated by Thing 2 and she bears the brunt of his anger and outbursts.

So as well as handing in the holiday forms as required I also added a letter in to each school outlining why this time away would be extremely important and worthwhile for both girls.

I'm still not expecting either school to accept my reasons for letting them take the time off and it's entirely at the schools decision as to whether the holiday is authorised or unauthorised but they are going anyway.

Whilst Thing 2's attendance at school has been 100% since September,  Thing 3's hasn't been so good due to illness. This also brings me on to the 100% attendance debate too. Should they be penalised for illness days? A discussion I was having with a friend recently.

Both girls are busy packing and counting down to their time away. Thing 3 is brushing up on her Spanish and will be making a scrapbook of her time away.  She will also be using the time to work towards her World Traveller badge for Brownies.

My conclusion is this. If children have a great attendance record other than sick days, I don't think a few days off for a holiday is harmful to their education. Holidays during school holidays are obviously preferred by the schools as they do get enough time off school for such occasions but many families are priced out of holidays in these times.

I believe my children at this particular time need this much needed time away and will hopefully be some much needed respite that will benefit them and they will hopefully come back rested and in better spirits.

Do you agree with the decision to fine parents for taking holidays during term time?

Have you taken holiday recently that was authorised? Are you planning a term time holiday soon?

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  1. If I was to go on holiday I would take it during term time...
    My friend has been planning her holiday....Three weeks before the summer holidays it costs just over £2000 during the summer holiday it costs well over £4000! It's a no brainer which one she