Friday, 23 January 2015

Why it's not always good to take things at face'book' value. Don't compare yourself with others. Sometimes we think others have the perfect life but really it's just filtered for social media.

Facebook. It's everywhere, you can't get away from it. I am the first to admit it's where I communicate with people the most. Sometimes it's the only contact I have with people most days. Asking advice, checking up on how friends and family are, arranging (rare) nights out and also running my Facebook page alongside my blog.

I posted this picture on Instagram and Facebook this morning, looks lovely but in reality I could have had Thing 5 rolling in mud behind me ( he wasn't!) but I am only showing the good side of things. 

I'm the first to admit that my life isn't perfect and if you looked at my Facebook statuses you would know it! However, there are those on Facebook where you think 'Gosh their life is perfect'.

Every status is happy, positive. Gushing about how proud they are of their children. They always seems to be out socialising/on holiday/having fun. Showing us pictures of their latest purchases. However that's because they only post the happy times. I'm not saying that there aren't people whose lives aren't perfect. I do believe though that we shouldn't look into someones 'Facebook' lives and read into it more than we do,

How I want Facebook to see things
The reality of every day life!

We shouldn't compare ourselves to others. We are all different and unique and run our our unique lives because that's the way we were all made. If we were all the same, all ran the same lives and did the same things life would be very boring. 

That friend who just bought the latest Gucci handbag, Louboutin shoes and Armani dress whilst you slum it in your Primark leggings and you think oh I wish, might have shoved it on a credit card and has no clue how she will pay it off.

That friend who took a selfie and said they were off out for a 10 mile run, shaming you into feeling guilty whilst you sit watching Jeremy Kyle with an oversized bar of Dairy Milk, actually just walked outside the door, felt the cold and went and sat on the sofa with Jeremy Kyle too.

A  friend has a new baby. You see the announcement on Facebook, for the next few weeks they post gorgeous pictures of their newborn baby. Every status they post, sometimes only once every few days, is happy, positive and all is going well. You moan that your first few weeks at home with a new baby were never as calm and smooth sailing as said friends has gone. However, you've only seen the positive side. In those few statuses and shockingly gorgeous photo's you've seen the good side and that's what you've taken at face value as to what it's been like. In reality said friend could have been up 20 out of 24 hours a day, washing is piling up thick and fast and she's lucky if she gets out of her pyjamas before the afternoon school run but she's not going to post on Facebook about that side of things.

I quite happily will post a status about my house cleaning triumphs when I've cleaned the children's bedrooms, blitzed the kitchen and we've finally finished renovating the new bathroom. all happy and positive. However, I didn't post pictures of the unfinished utility room that is jammed packed with clothes, the other three untidy bedrooms and the trail of destruction left by the children whilst I was busy doing those jobs!

I tidied Thing 4's bedroom and was happy to show off the finished result. I could pretend it's always like that but in all honesty about 10 minutes later it could look like it does in the picture on the right!

I'm not saying everyone on Facebook is living a lie, there are plenty of people on Facebook who do enjoy spending and aren't putting it on credit cards but actually spending money they've worked their butt off for and they deserve it. I have plenty of friends who go out running or to the gym every day and Yes I am sitting on the sofa thinking I should do the same and never do!

I loved the story back in September about the lady who fooled her friends and family into thinking she was off on a fab holiday trekking through Asia for 5 weeks whereas really she was just sat at home photoshopping images to show how easy it is to filter our lives for social media. 

Lady fakes trekking holiday but is still back in her home town!

I'm just saying that I am sure other peoples lives are just as hectic and chaotic as others, some may not be! We all like to post about our positive days, our daily/weekly highlights. What we are up to that is making us happy. It doesn't mean it's like that all the time, sometimes it is, sometimes it isn't.

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