Tuesday, 20 January 2015

The eBay pram listing that's got everybody looking, even if they aren't in the market for a new pram. Love the honesty in the description from this guy! Now the Questions & Answers on the advert are just as funny to read too!

Yesterday whilst keeping up to date on goings on with friends I stumbled upon this eBay listing that was being passed around on social media. Had people not been saying to make sure you read the description I probably wouldn't have even bothered to click on the link but I did and it made for a very funny read.

In his honest description of the pram he says that his wife buying the pram showed her intentions in wanting to have children.

It also states (quote); On the positive none of my three children were stupidly fat, but its been driven by my wife a lot so not all good. During its lifetime its had pretty much every bodily fluid known to science, (and several that have yet to be discovered) chucked over it by my children, Its also absorbed its own weight in Ellas Kitchen meals, and mud. 

It makes for a very funny read and now it has been so popular, been shared far and wide over the internet and further beyond the guy has had some very funny questions and has given even funnier replies. 

Q: My other half says I hoard things so I am not allowed to bid on this despite our DD now being 6 years old and ought to be able to walk unaided over long distances. My curiosity leads me to ask whether the paint scheme glows in the dark as well? It would be creepy if it did and remind me of Christine - yes the car not some bygone ex, silently brooding in the corner of the room.20-Jan-15
A: Your other half sounds like a domineering soul. This is an opportunity for you to seize control of your life back and show them the error of their ways. At the same time paying off my mortgage and donating some money to the hundreds of people who have emailed me once this went over 10k. Everyones a winner...

Q: Does it have a cup holder? That was my prime requirement in selecting the first of our 4 of our prams. The shop assistant who looked barely old enough to be out of one herself scowled at me and chastised me for considering transporting a hot beverage in a pram. In the end she was right though...it was in fact perfectly sized for the large bottles of beer with a feeding tray ideally designed for a scattering of salted nuts....I think it's important to secure some luxuries where you can. Ps is the sand in the seat included. Pps is it sand?20-Jan-15
A: It has two cup holders. Both of whom have two hands so they could in theory hold 4 cups of beverage. It teaches them basic balancing skills at a young age and an inherent respect for hot liquids. I also find nothing clears a path quicker in shop than an unidentified liquid leaking from a buggy.
There are now four pages of questions and replies, yes four! It makes for such a funny read so on this cold and drab morning this is definitely something worth reading if you need a good laugh. Just click on the link above and settle back with a warm brew. 

A Phil and Teds pram, prior to being used by children! 

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