Tuesday, 13 January 2015

My belated Christmas shopping list. I waited until sale time to buy myself some treats. Heading to Superdry to use my money off voucher for some clothes shopping and to grab some bargains.

Over Christmas I spent so much of my time making sure that we has bought gifts for everyone on our list and made sure the Things had everything they wanted. The OH asked what I wanted and I had seen some Ugg boots that I liked but in the end I just wanted to make sure the children had a good Christmas, it didn't matter if I didn't have anything to unwrap on Christmas Day.

I had started present shopping for the OH quite a few weeks before Christmas. A couple of his items I got him were brought from the US so these had to be purchased and arrive in time for the big day. The OH still gets a stocking from Santa too! Everyone was catered for and I did enjoy watching them open their presents on Christmas Day.

So, belated as it is I am now looking forward to getting a few Christmas treats for myself. The bonus being that it is now January and the sales are on. I've always been quite up for a few presents to open on Christmas Day but I've now realised that waiting until after Christmas is the way to go.

The sales are really good, I've been browsing online but have yet to hit the shops to see what's on offer. I know most of these sales have been going on since Boxing Day and I've yet to see what's on offer in the shops but recently most sales have dropped their prices further and most are still ongoing now.

The week before Christmas I bought something in Superdry and at the till the cashier gave me a voucher for £25 off a £75 spend instore throughout January. Superdry is one of my favourite shops at the moment. Possibly fuelled by the excitement it gave me when I could get rid of all of my XL sized Superdry clothes and replacing them for size Small. I bought a lovely dress in there recently too and I have had lots of compliments on it.

So I am heading to Superdry, with my money off voucher in hand and some gift vouchers from the in-laws. With those in hand I should be able to get some nice new clothes without spending a lot. The Superdry website still has lots of sale items to choose from too with fab savings. I want to go and see what instore has to offer and I can only use my money off voucher instore too but I want to try a few things on. I am looking forward to it and may even try to go without any children in tow, heaven!

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