Thursday, 29 January 2015

FOCUS ON Bugaboo pram collaborations and special editions from over the years. Including Andy Warhol, Missoni, Bas Koster, Diesel, Neon Pop, Hello Kitty, limited editions and more....

I have been a big Bugaboo fan for many years now. From buying a brand new Bugaboo Gecko for a Thing 3 to lusting after a special edition Bugaboo Cameleon Sahara with many, MANY Bugaboo purchases in between!. I've had a few of the different collaborations and special edition fabrics so I thought I would do a focus blog post on all that Bugaboo have had to offer over the years.

From the very limited, only 8 available, Hello Kitty Bugaboo Bee sold in Hong Kong and Singapore only to the Selfridges exclusive 2008 denim Bee. The Paul Frank collaborations for the Cameleon called Colour Blocks and Scurvy with footmuffs and blankets too.

The original Bugaboo Bee in the limited edition Hello Kitty and the Selfridges exclusive denim edition.

The 2009 Paul Frank edition fabric sets in Colour Blocks and Scurvy with blankets and footmuffs to match. Plus balnekts and footmuffs in 2 other designs.

The more recent collaborations with Andy Warhol produced the happy bugs, poppies and cars hoods and then moving on to the four most recent offerings of Marilyn, Transportation, Banana and Butterfly hoods with matching tote bags to fit all current Bugaboo prams.

The Andy Warhol collaborations over the past couple of years. 

Andy Warhol and Bugaboo also produced a limited to 10 worldwide Bugaboo Bee Plus in the blue flowers design that were sold from their Amsterdam store only, these came with a blue frame.

The more daring Bas Koster collaboration for the Bugaboo by Bas back in 2004 which produced a limited edition white framed pram with a bright colourful design.

Other limited edition collections include the recent Diesel collaboration as well as limited edition colours such as the 5th Avenue, Sahara, silver, Neon Pop and denim fabrics as well as many, many more over the years.

Bugaboo Diesel and Bugaboo 5th Avenue

Bugaboo Viktor and Rolf and Bugaboo limited edition off white Cameleon

The 2102 Bugaboo Neon Pop collection and the gorgeous Bugaboo Sahara Cameleon

My favourite collaboration so far was the Missoni collection back in 2011 for the Bee and Cameleon. I bought the Missoni set for the Bee Plus and loved it, it was gorgeous, vibrant and different.

The 2011 Missoni collection for the Bee Plus and Cameleon including gorgeous blanket. 

A few pictures of the few limited edition and collaboration pieces I have had over the years. I loved the Missoni hood on the Bee Plus and I also loved my Neon Pop Bee Plus with the blue frame and yellow wheels.

Just a few more to end my blog post, I am sure I have missed some along the way but I can't name them all, they've done so many different colours, limited editions and so on. I look forward to seeing what is coming next!

The Pendleton collection and limited edition silver fabrics

The Marc Jacobs Cameleon and Andy Warhol 'So Many Stars' hoods. The Bugaboo Bee 'So Many Stars' hood was only available in Asia. 

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