Friday, 2 January 2015

All I want it is a decent nights sleep. Children, sleep problems and early nights! No more ipods/Kindles/Xbox's just good old fashioned books, warm milk and some good nights sleep please.

I was in bed last night trying to get to sleep and I was getting more and more annoyed with the children and their lack of discipline at bedtime. It's mine and the OHs fault I know so today is the start of operation bedtime, time to ban all iPods, kindles, TVs and Xboxs from the children's bedrooms and getting them to sleep at a normal time.

Ok, so in this second picture they aren't sleeping, just being cheeky!

Thing 1 has sleep problems anyway and can be awake all night some nights. Even if he didn't have the Xbox he will be awake until late or he will still be awake in the morning having been awake all night. Thing 3 and 4 have a little time on their iPods before they have to settle down but that doesn't help and inevitably we end up letting them have longer than we originally said which means they are up later than they should be and then have difficulty settling down to sleep.

Thing 2 did have a friend over to stay last night which didn't help with sleep. We all know what it's like when there is s friend over to stay! They played games, did drawings, watched TV and probably collapsed into bed far too late then they should have done. However, that should be a treat and a one off but late nights seem to have become normal in this house.

However, I can't do it any more. I can't do the late nights with the older ones whilst Thing 5 has been asleep since 6.30pm, then staying up late because the older ones mess about either spending too long on iPods/Kindles etc... or they just can't settle in their beds and are up and down for drinks/toilet/they are cold/they are hot/they can't sleep even though they haven't even tried! Some nights I even do a night shift where Thing 5 has woken up and won't settle back down, many times I have sat downstairs with him and not gone back up to bed until 5.30-6.30 am. When you've got to get up at 7-7.30 am to sort school children out, that's not good!

Am I selfish to be wanting my evenings back? Some me time before I head off to bed even if it's only for half an hour?

All pictures featured are children sleeping during the day, at completely the wrong time! It's Thing 5's favourite thing to do, just to annoy me!

So from now on there is no Kindles/iPods/TV's or Xbox in bedrooms. Their time will be limited on them and certainly not directly before bed. Thing 1 can have the Xbox until 10.30 and no later and hopefully boredom will send him to sleep. No more listening to him shout and scream at his friends over his headset, peace at last!

I know all of the children are going to go through cold turkey over this one and we are going to have a rough few days but it needs to be done before I go insane!

Do you have children who spend too much time on their iPods/Kindles/phones? 

Addicted to Minecraft like Thing 3 who had a complete meltdown when I limited her PC time?! 

What is your bedtime routine like in your house? Please feel free to send lots of helping points and positive thoughts! 

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