Thursday, 29 January 2015

FOCUS ON Bugaboo pram collaborations and special editions from over the years. Including Andy Warhol, Missoni, Bas Koster, Diesel, Neon Pop, Hello Kitty, limited editions and more....

I have been a big Bugaboo fan for many years now. From buying a brand new Bugaboo Gecko for a Thing 3 to lusting after a special edition Bugaboo Cameleon Sahara with many, MANY Bugaboo purchases in between!. I've had a few of the different collaborations and special edition fabrics so I thought I would do a focus blog post on all that Bugaboo have had to offer over the years.

From the very limited, only 8 available, Hello Kitty Bugaboo Bee sold in Hong Kong and Singapore only to the Selfridges exclusive 2008 denim Bee. The Paul Frank collaborations for the Cameleon called Colour Blocks and Scurvy with footmuffs and blankets too.

The original Bugaboo Bee in the limited edition Hello Kitty and the Selfridges exclusive denim edition.

The 2009 Paul Frank edition fabric sets in Colour Blocks and Scurvy with blankets and footmuffs to match. Plus balnekts and footmuffs in 2 other designs.

The more recent collaborations with Andy Warhol produced the happy bugs, poppies and cars hoods and then moving on to the four most recent offerings of Marilyn, Transportation, Banana and Butterfly hoods with matching tote bags to fit all current Bugaboo prams.

The Andy Warhol collaborations over the past couple of years. 

Andy Warhol and Bugaboo also produced a limited to 10 worldwide Bugaboo Bee Plus in the blue flowers design that were sold from their Amsterdam store only, these came with a blue frame.

The more daring Bas Koster collaboration for the Bugaboo by Bas back in 2004 which produced a limited edition white framed pram with a bright colourful design.

Other limited edition collections include the recent Diesel collaboration as well as limited edition colours such as the 5th Avenue, Sahara, silver, Neon Pop and denim fabrics as well as many, many more over the years.

Bugaboo Diesel and Bugaboo 5th Avenue

Bugaboo Viktor and Rolf and Bugaboo limited edition off white Cameleon

The 2102 Bugaboo Neon Pop collection and the gorgeous Bugaboo Sahara Cameleon

My favourite collaboration so far was the Missoni collection back in 2011 for the Bee and Cameleon. I bought the Missoni set for the Bee Plus and loved it, it was gorgeous, vibrant and different.

The 2011 Missoni collection for the Bee Plus and Cameleon including gorgeous blanket. 

A few pictures of the few limited edition and collaboration pieces I have had over the years. I loved the Missoni hood on the Bee Plus and I also loved my Neon Pop Bee Plus with the blue frame and yellow wheels.

Just a few more to end my blog post, I am sure I have missed some along the way but I can't name them all, they've done so many different colours, limited editions and so on. I look forward to seeing what is coming next!

The Pendleton collection and limited edition silver fabrics

The Marc Jacobs Cameleon and Andy Warhol 'So Many Stars' hoods. The Bugaboo Bee 'So Many Stars' hood was only available in Asia. 

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

aden + anais partner with Stokke to bring stylish muslin bedding for the signature Stokke Sleepi crib cot. Available in mini and cot sizes.

aden + anais have partnered with Stokke, the designers of innovative and sustainable baby products, on a collection of cot sheets that offers stylish bedding made exclusively for the uniquely shaped oval Stokke Sleepi cot. The collection includes a selection of aden + anais designs which are wonderfully soft and the ultimate in breathability. 

Available for the shaped oval Stokke Sleepi Mini. Style, comfort and functionality comes together with the 100% cotton muslin fitted cot sheets. 

In the Twinkle, Lovely and Night Sky designs they are warm in winter and cool in summer with a breathable open weave allowing for airflow. Tailored to fit snugly to the Stokke mattress and a comfy fabric that gets softer with each wash.

Stokke mini sheets are RRP £22 and the Stokke cot sheets are rrp £32.

Approx. measurements of the mini mattress are 75cm x 58cm, measurements of the cot mattress are 125cm x 74cm.

Available now from the aden + anais website.

aden + anais produce lots of lovely high quality muslin baby products and I highly recommend their muslin squares as previously reviewed here; aden + anais classic muslin review

Friday, 23 January 2015

Why it's not always good to take things at face'book' value. Don't compare yourself with others. Sometimes we think others have the perfect life but really it's just filtered for social media.

Facebook. It's everywhere, you can't get away from it. I am the first to admit it's where I communicate with people the most. Sometimes it's the only contact I have with people most days. Asking advice, checking up on how friends and family are, arranging (rare) nights out and also running my Facebook page alongside my blog.

I posted this picture on Instagram and Facebook this morning, looks lovely but in reality I could have had Thing 5 rolling in mud behind me ( he wasn't!) but I am only showing the good side of things. 

I'm the first to admit that my life isn't perfect and if you looked at my Facebook statuses you would know it! However, there are those on Facebook where you think 'Gosh their life is perfect'.

Every status is happy, positive. Gushing about how proud they are of their children. They always seems to be out socialising/on holiday/having fun. Showing us pictures of their latest purchases. However that's because they only post the happy times. I'm not saying that there aren't people whose lives aren't perfect. I do believe though that we shouldn't look into someones 'Facebook' lives and read into it more than we do,

How I want Facebook to see things
The reality of every day life!

We shouldn't compare ourselves to others. We are all different and unique and run our our unique lives because that's the way we were all made. If we were all the same, all ran the same lives and did the same things life would be very boring. 

That friend who just bought the latest Gucci handbag, Louboutin shoes and Armani dress whilst you slum it in your Primark leggings and you think oh I wish, might have shoved it on a credit card and has no clue how she will pay it off.

That friend who took a selfie and said they were off out for a 10 mile run, shaming you into feeling guilty whilst you sit watching Jeremy Kyle with an oversized bar of Dairy Milk, actually just walked outside the door, felt the cold and went and sat on the sofa with Jeremy Kyle too.

A  friend has a new baby. You see the announcement on Facebook, for the next few weeks they post gorgeous pictures of their newborn baby. Every status they post, sometimes only once every few days, is happy, positive and all is going well. You moan that your first few weeks at home with a new baby were never as calm and smooth sailing as said friends has gone. However, you've only seen the positive side. In those few statuses and shockingly gorgeous photo's you've seen the good side and that's what you've taken at face value as to what it's been like. In reality said friend could have been up 20 out of 24 hours a day, washing is piling up thick and fast and she's lucky if she gets out of her pyjamas before the afternoon school run but she's not going to post on Facebook about that side of things.

I quite happily will post a status about my house cleaning triumphs when I've cleaned the children's bedrooms, blitzed the kitchen and we've finally finished renovating the new bathroom. all happy and positive. However, I didn't post pictures of the unfinished utility room that is jammed packed with clothes, the other three untidy bedrooms and the trail of destruction left by the children whilst I was busy doing those jobs!

I tidied Thing 4's bedroom and was happy to show off the finished result. I could pretend it's always like that but in all honesty about 10 minutes later it could look like it does in the picture on the right!

I'm not saying everyone on Facebook is living a lie, there are plenty of people on Facebook who do enjoy spending and aren't putting it on credit cards but actually spending money they've worked their butt off for and they deserve it. I have plenty of friends who go out running or to the gym every day and Yes I am sitting on the sofa thinking I should do the same and never do!

I loved the story back in September about the lady who fooled her friends and family into thinking she was off on a fab holiday trekking through Asia for 5 weeks whereas really she was just sat at home photoshopping images to show how easy it is to filter our lives for social media. 

Lady fakes trekking holiday but is still back in her home town!

I'm just saying that I am sure other peoples lives are just as hectic and chaotic as others, some may not be! We all like to post about our positive days, our daily/weekly highlights. What we are up to that is making us happy. It doesn't mean it's like that all the time, sometimes it is, sometimes it isn't.

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Introducing the NEW Mamas and Papas Armadillo Flip XT, packed with loads of stunning extras and available in four colourways. Available from February 2015.

Mamas & Papas NEW Armadillo Flip XT – The only stroller you’ll ever need (packed with stunning extras)

Launching alongside the Armadillo XT, the NEW Armadillo Flip XT completes Mamas & Papas award-winning Armadillo family of strollers and includes chunky wheels and lots of extra luxuries to make life even more comfortable for babies and easier for parents! 

With these latest additions, the Armadillo family now offers the ideal stroller to suit a wide range of different lifestyles – from the Armadillo for second or third time mums to the Armadillo City and Armadillo Flip – perfect for city living - and finally the XT and Flip XT with chunky wheels for navigating difficult terrain.     
The Armadillo Flip XT is travel system-ready, with loads of wriggle room for the years to come and has new chunky wheels with extra grip to make sure babies enjoy a smooth ride, even on difficult terrain. The telescopic handle makes steering comfortable whatever height you are, but best of all, its innovative patented design lets you fold it down with one hand – whichever way the seat is facing – in seconds, into the most compact fold on the market!

Fine designs for different family lifestyle one smart choice.      

Perfect for parents on the go, especially those who enjoy walks out of town, the fifth member of the Armadillo family – the Armadillo Flip XT – also comes in a great range of colours and prints.
Wriggle room – big seat designed to let them stretch
  Patented 2 way easy-fold technology – folds and opens in seconds with one hand, whichever way the seat is facing so you never have to take the seat off to fold
Chunky wheels with tread
Adjustable handle 
Perfect for posture
 Reversible seat
XXXL hood – UPF 50+ with additional hood lining
Cooling air vent
Travel system ready
 Peek-a-boo window
Removable wheels
Suitable from birth to 15kg
Size: H: 105 x W: 57 x L: 90cm
Weight: 10kg

Mamas and Papas Armadillo Flip XT featured in the Teal Tide colourway. RRP £479

Available in Teal Tide plus Sand Dune, Black Jack and Navy. 

Preorder now at Mamas and Papas for an early February delivery.

After two years the extension is almost complete and now we are dreaming of a new kitchen makeover and a room change around. When will our dreams become reality, I'm thinking about 20 years time!

Two years ago we started our extension work. This wasn't even in the pipeline just a year before and we were quite happy to have our four bedroom house. The garage and the old utility room had seen better days but they served a purpose and the rest of the house was perfectly fine. However by the beginning of 2013 we had plans drawn up, planning permission granted and a team of 'willing' helpers ready to dig out the foundations and lay down a block and beam floor before the builder got to work making our plans into reality.

Thing 5 reading up on what we needed to do. Nobody was safe from helping out and getting stuck in!

This was also the start of my blogging journey so my first ever posts were based around how the extension work was going. I am glad I did write about it as looking back now it's great to see how it all came together and how hard we worked (as well as the builder, roofer and plasterer) to get the job done and completed. Things got stressful between us but we made it through it all, just!

Two years on from the very start we have just completed the downstairs bathroom. The new utility room has finally had tiles purchased for the floor (thank you Homebase and the reduced to £5 a pack bargains). Once the extension was finished up to the plastering we were left to finish off the decorating, fitting the bathroom etc..... and that's why it has taken so long to do. the Oh only has his weekends to get jobs done and sometimes you just want a weekend off too.

Most of my blog posts from February 2013 contained extension updates; Extension Work starting and many pictures of the progress we made. My Dad and brother worked so hard to help us, driving the digger, digging trenches, helping with the 7 tonnes of concrete we ordered to pipe into the foundations and lifting concrete beam and block flooring into place once that was delivered. This saved us so much money on labour but doing it ourselves was a nightmare too.

My Dad working hard digging the foundations, thanks Dad. 

So now it's almost over, what do we do? Ah yes. Decide we would like a new kitchen and to knock a wall down. At the moment this is all just a distant dream. Something that needs planning, time and money. Things we are lacking at the moment! We need to save up, cutting down on the takeaways might help with the new kitchen fund. At the moment the kitchen and dining room are separate but run alongside each other. We would like to take that wall out and make both rooms into one big open space where we can eat, cook and socialise all in one space as a family and with friends. The OH has his heart set on an island unit, he can have his wish eventually!

To make our dreams a reality we need to cut back now to enjoy the things we want in the near future.

Both the OH and I have pictures in our head of what we would like and how it will look. We don't want to get too involved at looking at the moment because by the time we get around to actually getting it done the kitchen we find now will most definitely not be available then! I might start getting rough ideas, flooring ideas, what appliances I would like, what colour units and worktops etc.... and then keep them filed until the time comes that we can make our dream kitchen a reality. Until then I'm watching the pennies, determined to make this one big new room into a reality sooner rather than later.

For now, it's beans on toast for tea and money saving in order to get the kitchen before 2035! 

Back in November I walked past this kitchen in our local Homebase and I loved it. 

Do you have any big extension work planned this year? Any room renovations going ahead in 2015? 

How did/do you cope with the chaos caused by all the work going on?

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Cos I'm happy, Clap along if you feel like a Mum with time to spare, Cos I'm happy, Clap along if you had two seconds to brush your hair! Thing 5 and his first day at preschool

It was mixed emotions on Monday morning. It was Thing 5's first morning at preschool and it all felt very strange to me. I kept telling people that I was going to run out of the playground like a prisoner escaping from jail. I was going to be waving me hands in the air screaming 'I'm freeeeeeeeee'. This didn't happen.

Thing 5 ready for preschool and on his way home again!

The preschool is attached to Thing 4's infant school so I dropped Thing 4 as per normal and walked around to preschool. We went through the routine of hanging up coats, putting bags in the right place and showing Thing 5 how to choose his name and place it on the board to show he was present. After we had done this he was off. He ran towards the train set and I was left wondering what to do.

I didn't want to hang around as he seemed fine but I felt guilty running out of the door so quickly too. They had my number, if he got upset they could call me. I left. Alone. I didn't run out cheering. I felt weird, probably because I was pushing an empty pushchair too which didn't help!

Anyway, I had stated to the OH that when Thing 5 was at preschool for his 2 sessions a week I would catch up on housework. Monday, I didn't! It was the first time in a looonnnnggggg time where I could sit, in silence. I could drink a cup of tea that didn't go cold. I didn't have to share my toast even though Thing 5 had his own toast. I didn't have to sit through an episode of Peppa Pig that I had seen 20 million times before, usually the one with the Bing Bong song!

I walked in the door, discarded the pushchair and kicked off my shoes. Grabbed that cuppa and toast and hit the sofa for some Jeremy Kyle. I planned to not do much on my first morning of freedom. I still felt strange though. I felt naughty for even thinking of sitting for 5 minutes and having a hot cup of tea.

However I enjoyed it. I enjoyed the quiet, I ate in peace. I could go to the toilet without an audience. I could even brush my hair and take time doing it. Usually I spend my whole morning locating the hairbrush because a child has moved it and hidden it somewhere and then I have no time to actually brush my hair before running out the door with the Things in tow. The silence was enjoyable rather than silence meaning that Thing 5 was probably doing something he shouldn't be doing. He was safe, he was making new friends, enjoying doing things at preschool that he doesn't always do as much at home and he was happy.

I now have a queue of friends who are rejoicing with me in my new child free state and are eager to meet up for coffee (tea or hot chocolate in my case!). So for now my child free 'housework' sessions have turned into 'catch up with friends whilst I'm child free' sessions.

We got home, he attacked Mummy for a big cuddle then chilled on the sofa after his fab morning. 

I picked Thing 5 up at 11.45 and he cried because he didn't want to leave. His teachers gave him a big thumbs up and he's asked every day since Monday if he's going to preschool again. Tomorrow afternoon Thing 5, tomorrow afternoon!

Please note; At some point some housework will get done, honest!

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Whilst we are on the subject of well used prams. My well used Mothercare Jive review and the mistake I made when I bought it in the first place. Why we need a new pram for Thing 5.

I have always been a pramaholic. Just when you think you are cured and have found the perfect set of wheels new release come out from various companies and they tempt you with their offerings.

I loved my Stokke Scoot that I bought at the beginning of last year. It ticked all the boxes that I was looking for. I wanted something smaller folding as Thing 5 was growing up yet it still had the feel of a bigger pram which I also wanted. I called it an in between buggy as it wasn't like an umbrella fold buggy but wasn't a big pram either. The only downside was the shopping basket which, although it was a decent size, didn't hold things in very well as it was quite exposed on all sides.

I highly recommend the Stokke Scoot, now with better improvements on the Scoot V2.

So after I sold my Stokke Scoot, I'm still not sure why, I was left pramless. I couldn't make a decision on what I wanted next but I needed something for Thing 5. I didn't want to make the wrong decision or buy something in a rush so I went to my local Mothercare and bought the cheapest buggy I could find to keep me going. My purchase was a Mothercare Jive. This was strictly meant to be something to tide us over and keep us going. I was still looking for something bigger and more substantial as even though Thing 5 was getting bigger we still walk everywhere and I needed him to be comfortable and something that was easy for me to push too.

I have had a Mothercare Jive before so knew it would be ok for temporary use. It's a light weight stroller for ages 6 months and upwards. Mothercare say it is ideal for day trips and holidays. Which it is, I wouldn't recommend one for every day use and if you bought it when your child was six months old it certainly wouldn't last them into their toddler years as Mothercare suggests.

The Mothercare Jive

My first issue happened before I even left the shop. Having had a Jive before I knew what I was buying. So I bought it, put Thing 5 in the seat and strapped him in. At the back of the seat it has a buckle which, when undone, becomes the recline position of the seat, Thinking this was undone as Thing 5 was sitting far too reclined I went around the back to do it up. It was done up. The lady in the shop informed me that it was to do with some rule or regulation that that buckle/strap had to be a certain length. This meant that the buggy is in a permanent semi recline position. Thing 5 spent all of his time trying to sit up and moaning because he couldn't. In the end I undid the buckle and tied the 2 straps together so the seat stayed upright. However, this meant that on the rare occasions that he did fall asleep I then couldn't undo it again to lay him down.

The next issue I have is the Mothercare statement that it will see your baby well into their toddler years. As I stated above, if you buy it from age 6 months there is no way this stroller will last until the toddler years. The wheels started wearing down after just a few months and now look absolutely awful. This probably doesn't help with pushing the pushchair as it now is really awful and heavy to push. It probably doesn't help that I have a chunky toddler in it but it does state that it can be used up to a weight of 30kg. The straps don't seem to hold him in place and he can actually pull himself out of the seat and move away from where I am too. I have read through the reviews on the Mothercare website and a lot of the issues I have mentioned have also been stated by others.

So nearly a year on, it's still here! Not because I like using it but in all of this time I have still not got around to making the right pram decision. Thing 5 is now 2 years and 4 months old but still needs a buggy. He is a nightmare when walking and can't walk far on his own anyway. Do I go for a slightly bigger pram that would be easier to push or go for a better built stroller that can hopefully take the strain of a growing toddler and lots of walking that can also ease the strain on my back from having a smoother ride.

I have my eye on the Mountain Buggy Urban in Nautical but not coming out until March means we have longer to wait and put up with the Mothercare Jive. The Mountain Buggy could definitely handle the toddler whilst still giving a very easy push for me but isn't quite the small fold I was also possibly looking for. Also we need something now, well actually we needed something over six months ago!

I wouldn't recommend a Mothercare Jive for every day use, As Mothercare states, it is ideal for a day trips and holidays. An occasional use buggy that you have hidden in a cupboard for when you are nipping out or going away for a few days and need something small folding. The recline issue on the seat was also a real problem for me too so unless your child is happy to sit in a slightly reclined position I wouldn't buy it,

At the price of £29.99 it is a bargain price for an emergency buggy but not for permanent use. Also there is no hood or rainwear. I have looked on the Mothercare website as I assumed this was an optional accessory pack that you could buy separately but I have looked and cannot find anything suitable. So yes, we have not had a raincover for nearly a year!

Operation new pram shopping commences asap, any suggestions would be great. Would you go bigger or smaller for a toddler bearing in mind we walk everywhere. I would also like something that doesn't break my back when I push it with Thing 5 on board!  

The eBay pram listing that's got everybody looking, even if they aren't in the market for a new pram. Love the honesty in the description from this guy! Now the Questions & Answers on the advert are just as funny to read too!

Yesterday whilst keeping up to date on goings on with friends I stumbled upon this eBay listing that was being passed around on social media. Had people not been saying to make sure you read the description I probably wouldn't have even bothered to click on the link but I did and it made for a very funny read.

In his honest description of the pram he says that his wife buying the pram showed her intentions in wanting to have children.

It also states (quote); On the positive none of my three children were stupidly fat, but its been driven by my wife a lot so not all good. During its lifetime its had pretty much every bodily fluid known to science, (and several that have yet to be discovered) chucked over it by my children, Its also absorbed its own weight in Ellas Kitchen meals, and mud. 

It makes for a very funny read and now it has been so popular, been shared far and wide over the internet and further beyond the guy has had some very funny questions and has given even funnier replies. 

Q: My other half says I hoard things so I am not allowed to bid on this despite our DD now being 6 years old and ought to be able to walk unaided over long distances. My curiosity leads me to ask whether the paint scheme glows in the dark as well? It would be creepy if it did and remind me of Christine - yes the car not some bygone ex, silently brooding in the corner of the room.20-Jan-15
A: Your other half sounds like a domineering soul. This is an opportunity for you to seize control of your life back and show them the error of their ways. At the same time paying off my mortgage and donating some money to the hundreds of people who have emailed me once this went over 10k. Everyones a winner...

Q: Does it have a cup holder? That was my prime requirement in selecting the first of our 4 of our prams. The shop assistant who looked barely old enough to be out of one herself scowled at me and chastised me for considering transporting a hot beverage in a pram. In the end she was right was in fact perfectly sized for the large bottles of beer with a feeding tray ideally designed for a scattering of salted nuts....I think it's important to secure some luxuries where you can. Ps is the sand in the seat included. Pps is it sand?20-Jan-15
A: It has two cup holders. Both of whom have two hands so they could in theory hold 4 cups of beverage. It teaches them basic balancing skills at a young age and an inherent respect for hot liquids. I also find nothing clears a path quicker in shop than an unidentified liquid leaking from a buggy.
There are now four pages of questions and replies, yes four! It makes for such a funny read so on this cold and drab morning this is definitely something worth reading if you need a good laugh. Just click on the link above and settle back with a warm brew. 

A Phil and Teds pram, prior to being used by children! 

Thursday, 15 January 2015

This week brings the great Cadbury Creme Egg debate as they change the chocolate recipe and quantity in a box. Have they done the right thing?

At the beginning of the week I was shocked to discover that Cadbury's Creme Eggs now comes in a pack of five rather than a pack of six. Not that I was in the market for buying some that day, my Slimming World consultant wouldn't be pleased with me! I also thought it seemed odd that you can also still buy a 12 pack for the same price of two 5 packs. So why drop the quantity? I also thought that the whole concept was that you would buy normal eggs as a 6 or 12 pack so obviously Cadbury kept that thought when they originally thought of the quantities for their Creme Egg packets.

Aside from the drop in quantity they have also changed the chocolate that they use. Cadbury have stated that they did extensive consumer testing when looking to change the chocolate and the best chocolate was chosen to be used for the Creme Egg. They also state that a Creme Egg was never marketed as a Cadbury Dairy Milk Creme Egg although we all know that it was Dairy Milk wrapped around that tempting gooey interior. The recipe has been replaced with 'standard cocoa mix chocolate'.

According to sources it has been said that 'a range of economic factors' contributed to the change and Cadbury are unlikely to backtrack.

My response from Cadbury UK on Twitter. If it's been changed then it's not the same Creme Egg that we know and love is it??

This is a tempting Easter treat that is loved by many, many people. It landed on the shelves of stores before Santa had even finished delivering all of his Christmas presents but people were soon annoyed by the changes. Why change something when there is nothing wrong with it in the first place?

Do you agree with the change? Have you tried the new Creme Egg? Maybe you prefer the new one?

Would you have preferred to keep the old 'Dairy Milk' Creme Egg and paid a higher price for it if it meant keeping the same Creme Egg recipe? 

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

My belated Christmas shopping list. I waited until sale time to buy myself some treats. Heading to Superdry to use my money off voucher for some clothes shopping and to grab some bargains.

Over Christmas I spent so much of my time making sure that we has bought gifts for everyone on our list and made sure the Things had everything they wanted. The OH asked what I wanted and I had seen some Ugg boots that I liked but in the end I just wanted to make sure the children had a good Christmas, it didn't matter if I didn't have anything to unwrap on Christmas Day.

I had started present shopping for the OH quite a few weeks before Christmas. A couple of his items I got him were brought from the US so these had to be purchased and arrive in time for the big day. The OH still gets a stocking from Santa too! Everyone was catered for and I did enjoy watching them open their presents on Christmas Day.

So, belated as it is I am now looking forward to getting a few Christmas treats for myself. The bonus being that it is now January and the sales are on. I've always been quite up for a few presents to open on Christmas Day but I've now realised that waiting until after Christmas is the way to go.

The sales are really good, I've been browsing online but have yet to hit the shops to see what's on offer. I know most of these sales have been going on since Boxing Day and I've yet to see what's on offer in the shops but recently most sales have dropped their prices further and most are still ongoing now.

The week before Christmas I bought something in Superdry and at the till the cashier gave me a voucher for £25 off a £75 spend instore throughout January. Superdry is one of my favourite shops at the moment. Possibly fuelled by the excitement it gave me when I could get rid of all of my XL sized Superdry clothes and replacing them for size Small. I bought a lovely dress in there recently too and I have had lots of compliments on it.

So I am heading to Superdry, with my money off voucher in hand and some gift vouchers from the in-laws. With those in hand I should be able to get some nice new clothes without spending a lot. The Superdry website still has lots of sale items to choose from too with fab savings. I want to go and see what instore has to offer and I can only use my money off voucher instore too but I want to try a few things on. I am looking forward to it and may even try to go without any children in tow, heaven!