Sunday, 28 December 2014

My Slimming World journey begins again this week. Finally getting back on track to reach my new target and lose that little bit of festive excess too!!! Who's joining me???

Christmas time seems to be a time of excess, overindulging and enjoying ourselves. Why not?! The plentiful supply of gorgeous festive food that the supermarkets have on offer is all too much to resist and with all of the parties, get togethers and merriment it's so easy to eat all of the tempting goodies on offer.

Just a few of my festive indulgences from the past few weeks!

On the run up to the festive period it's so easy to say 'Yes I will be good', 'No I won't eat more than I actually need to', 'I will skip on dessert, honest'!

In the week before Christmas I had already eaten plenty of chocolate from various tubs that we had in the house and I remarked to the OH that I needed to stop already. 'You've done so well this year, I wouldn't worry' he said. At that moment I realised that a few chocolates wasn't going to suddenly make me balloon into my Size 16 former self. A couple of weeks of Christmas indulgence wasn't going to tip me completely off of my Slimming World journey and with a few weeks of careful meal planning afterwards it should be easy to get back on track.

We've all enjoyed Christmas. The season has past us by so quickly but left behind a small reminder on the scales of what a good time we had. Which is why it's important to jump straight back on the Slimming World journey.

My journey started last year in January 2014 and by May 2014 I had reached my 1.5 stone target. Not feeling completely satisfied I readjusted my target to lose another 0.5 a stone, 2 stones in total. I have yet to reach this goal! I became complacent about my achievement so far and thinking that I could eat more than what my healthy eating plan allowed. I maintained my weight on and around my original 1.5 stone target but never regained momentum to hit my new target.

My journey from January 2014 to May 2014

I am really pleased with the progress that I made in my first year with Slimming World, at first I was kicking myself for not being able to achieve my new target but I was reminded by so many people to look at how far I had come and to not dwell on the extra few pounds target that I had set myself. I will get there eventually. Also, as I keep saying to everyone, if I can do it then anyone can. I never ate properly, I ate crisps, chocolates and cake and didn't care what my diet consisted of or that I wasn't eating proper meals at the right time. The Slimming World healthy eating plan is so easy to follow and get to grips with and I am so glad I started when I did.

January 2015 is my time! I've enjoyed the past 6 months, I've enjoyed the new me. I've enjoyed Christmas and now I'm jumping back in my Slimming World car and taking the fast lane to my new target.

It might not be plain sailing, our journeys are always different. Some people can take a direct route and achieve their targets very quickly, others take the scenic route which takes a bit more time but reach the same goal eventually just at a more relaxed pace. Whichever route you take just remember that you are all there to achieve your own target in your own time but all of your Slimming World friends are there to support you on your journey for any little bumps in the road you may encounter.

So now is the time, now is my time to reach the new target I set myself. I've also banned myself from using a gift card that I received as a Christmas present until I reach, or at least get near to my new target. Before I would never really have been bothered about clothes shopping but I now really enjoy it so I'm really wanting to go out and use my gift card, I am hoping that will give me a bit more of an incentive to get my butt in gear!!!

For now, I'm counting down the days until all of the chocolate is eaten that is hanging around the house and tempting me into eating it.

Christmas excess! Our Christmas Eve dinner being delivered. Soooooo naughty!

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