Friday, 7 November 2014

Our busy, hectic, stressful child free weekend that may as well not have been child free. The birthday, the wedding, a cinema trip and the drunk husband.

Yes, our weekend was eventful. We don't ever have any time to ourselves as a couple. I go out on my Tuesday night pub night with the bestie, the OH has his badminton clubs/matches but we never go out together. At home we are surrounded by the Things and life at home revolves around doing everything for them.

So my cousins wedding date was looming and it was an invite for just myself and the OH. This was fab, a day/evening without the kiddies. It sounded heaven. Although I was a little apprehensive to be leaving Thing 5, the OH insisted we should go and spend some time together without the kiddies.

The stress started when my outfit for the wedding didn't turn up, I had to turn to the one and only dress that I did have in the wardrobe which is nice, but not what I wanted to wear. Then there is packing the children up for a night away at home, making sure they have everything they need and are dressed and ready to go at the same time as getting myself ready for the wedding. The OH passed comment that I was unorganised. Coming from someone who got himself ready whilst someone else got five people ready, I would like to see him try!

It was also Thing 4's birthday on the same day, we spent the morning with him, played with his new Lego sets and then we passed him over into the capable hands of my bro and sis in law who spoilt him with a Macdonald's dinner and the chocolate birthday cake that he wanted.

Thing 4 with his birthday cake. 

So by 1.30pm on Saturday afternoon we were child free. We set off to the wedding and we didn't have any children until they returned on Sunday morning. The wedding was set at a local hotel. We arrived and took our seats. Everyone looked fabulous and the bride looked stunning, the groom didn't scrub up too bad either! It was a lovely ceremony and we all had a drink whilst we waited to be seated for the wedding breakfast. This is where it started. The OH enjoyed the free wine. He wound up the kiddies from the table behind us. He was tipsy before we even finished our meal and it all went downhill from then on. I didn't spend much time with him after that. He spent the whole evening chewing peoples ears off, talking at them and then they came to me to tell me all about the 'interesting' conversation they had with my OH. When it was time to leave, he refused. He was drunk and he refused. It took me 20 minutes to try and get him to leave and he point blank refused. So I left, alone.

So, why did we have that time 'together'. We hardly spent any time together! It wasn't enjoyable, it wasn't the fantastic time I thought I was going to have, it was ruined by the OH. The wedding itself was wonderful and enjoyable, don't get me wrong, but my 'plus one' wasn't. The disco, casino tables, buffet and pic n mix table that were there for the entire evening ensured that the guests were well entertained and well catered for.

The top table and the most important couple of the day. :-)

So our rare time out that we did get was ruined. We didn't spend time together and he refused to come home with me. I may as well have gone on my own, or not gone! So for now I am not talking to him. Yes it's been 6 days and maybe a slight over reaction but he spoilt it, ruined our time together that we don't get enough of anyway and didn't think about anyone except himself.

On the Sunday we went into London with the three middle children. It gave us a chance to spend a bit more time with them as we hadn't done the day before on Thing 4's birthday. Thing 4 met Yoda on our way through Trafalgar Square which he loved. We headed to Leicester Square and to the Vue cinema to see the Nativity 3 premiere, as previously written about here; Nativity 3 premiere review

It was a lovely day, I love any chance to get into London when we can. Thing 4 wanted to go on the London Eye, which we have done before but would love to do again. It was busy in Leicester Square but I love the hustle and bustle of it all. The children enjoyed their trip out but they all had suggestions of other places they wanted to visit in London which we will have to do on a separate occasion.

Thing 4 holding hands with Yoda.

Since then the house has been hit with the sickness bug which claimed Thing 5 and Thing 3 as it's victims. Touch wood, there have been no other sufferers yet and we will continue to keep it away.

Poorly Thing 5. :-(

It was a lovely time spent with the kids, not so with the OH. Next time I have child free time I will remember to leave the biggest child behind too.


  1. Oh no, your wedding story sounds like it could be written about my husband!! Why do they do it?!
    How do you find going to London with little ones? I really want to take my toddler to see the dinosaurs at the natural history museum but the thought of going on the tube with a buggy scares the hell out of me!!!

    1. London with the little ones is ok. Check out tube stations beforehand to check which ones have lifts as not all do. They are ok to use with the pushchair as long as there's a lift! Otherwise it's buses or walking.